San Francisco Startups Revolutionizing the US Communities Industry

January 26, 2024

In recent years, San Francisco, California has emerged as a buzzing hub for startups in the Communities industry. These startups, primarily established from 2020 onward, have been significantly contributing to various sectors such as health care, gaming, professional networking and more. This article spotlights these innovative companies, their founders, and the vital work they’ve been doing in their respective industries.

Founded mainly by dynamic and forward-thinking individuals, these startups are not just businesses but platforms that promote interaction, collaboration, and improvement within diverse communities. Their inception is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in San Francisco, showcasing the city as a cauldron of innovation and fresh ideas.

Each startup highlighted in this article has a unique mission and vision, yet they all share an underpinning commitment towards fostering positive communities while addressing crucial needs through their bespoke services. Let’s explore these promising ventures.

Office Hours

Office Hours, founded by Erez Arnon, Joe Kim, and Patrick Reynolds, is a community focused on knowledge-sharing. Office Hours provides a marketplace for professionals to host their virtual office hours, allowing clients to gain unique insights on various industry trends, and marketing strategies. You can connect with them on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


StartPlaying is a gaming community platform that allows players to find tabletop role-playing games. Founded by Devon Chulick and Nathaniel Tucker in 2020, StartPlaying focuses on enhancing the gaming experience and connection among players. Follow them on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Guardians Collective

Founded by Saurabh Kamalapurkar, Guardians Collective provides a community platform for parenting. They focus on eliminating early learning gaps and demolishing institutionalized boundaries, thus enabling improved dialogue and support among parents and early educators. Follow them on Twitter.


Founded by Vittoria Bergeron in 2020, Sesh is a mental health company that provides group support through a mobile app. Offering affordable sessions led by top mental health professionals, Sesh aims to democratize access to mental health care. Follow them on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Ladder, founded by Akshaya Dinesh and Andrew Tan, is a professional community platform aimed at fostering career growth amongst the new generation. Members can join interest-based communities, consume high-quality career content, engage in discussions, and build relationships with peers and mentors. Join their community on Linkedin and Twitter.

Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech

Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech, is a community-based startup in the healthcare industry based in San Francisco. Get more updates from them on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Dry Powder Bio

Dry Powder Bio operates within communities, marketplace, and online portals. Connect with them on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Medens Health

Medens Health is a San Francisco-based startup in the communities, health Care, medical, and wellness industry. Keep up with their updates on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Founded by Sharekh Shaikh, CleverX is a startup on a mission to revolutionize how market research has been done for decades. Follow them on Linkedin and Twitter.


ScaleGrowth is a no-code platform for building community-driven businesses. Founded by Anna Yuan and Victor Kovalev, ScaleGrowth leverages data-science and AI to drive member acquisition, engagement, and revenue. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Founded by Jessica Allen and Natalie Leoni, Confidants is an HR platform soliciting honest feedback from employees. They strive to give space for open work experiences and help their current employer make better decisions based on anonymous feedback. Stay updated with them on Twitter.

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