San Francisco’s Emerging Analytics Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 25, 2024

There has been a heightened demand for cutting-edge analytics and data-based solutions, and startups have been stepping up to meet this demand. The present year has seen numerous promising analytics startups born in San Francisco, California. These companies are utilizing the latest technologies ranging from open-source software to artificial intelligence, harnessing the power of big data and machine learning to deliver innovative and efficient services. Allow us to introduce you to some of the most significant tech-driven analytics startups that emerged in 2020 or later and are headquartered in San Francisco.

These up-and-coming startups are providing powerful technological solutions that have the potential to revolutionize several industries. The companies are involved in improving data management, enhancing business intelligence, and providing insightful product analytics, and much more. Each startup listed below is unique, however, they all share an underlying basis in the realm of analytics.

Although these companies were only recently founded, they are already showing their potential in the analytics industry, driving businesses forward and making complex processes significantly simpler for the user. It’s time to delve deeper into these early-stage startups that are inspiring change within the analytics industry, so let’s explore how.


The open-source product analytics platform, PostHog, offers services that help engineers understand their product usage, automate events, and user data collection. Founded by James Hawkins and Tim Glaser in 2020, PostHog tracks and auto-captures product events, significantly enhancing productivity for their engineering users.

Surge AI

Surge AI is an innovative startup founded by Edwin Chen that provides an ultra-fast data labeling platform. Their sophisticated labelers along with comprehensive tools cater specifically to the complex challenges in the realms of Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Founded by Alex Morozov and Gleb Mezhanskiy, Datafold is paving the way in enhancing data quality management. The company offers tools that help in the automation of Data Engineering workflows including data quality monitoring, critical in today’s data-driven world.


Focusing on customer feedback analytics, Enterpret is another notable startup in the analytics industry. Co-founded by Varun Sharma and Arnav Sharma in 2020, Enterpret empowers companies to utilize customer feedback in shaping their product development processes.


Calixa, founded by Thomas Schiavone, offers an intuitive GTM platform helping customer-facing teams extract insights from the company’s data, simplifying the process of finding and growing customers in the digital landscape.

Rill Data

Rill Data is an analytics startup founded by Michael Driscoll and Nishant Bangarwa that delivers efficient BI solutions. With its real-time database and SQL-based data modeler, Rill is revolutionizing the way metrics are created and consumed.


Canvas was created by Luke Zapart, Ryan Buick, and Will Pride to provide a user-friendly platform that merges data from various apps for creating dashboards, facilitating data access and usage without the need for warehouse maintenance.


Aquarium Learning was founded by Peter Gao and Quinn Johnson. Its ML data management platform focuses on the improvement of datasets, helping businesses elevate their model performance.


Designed to sync data from various sources to warehouses, Airbyte offers a comprehensive open-source data integration platform. John Lafleur and Michel Tricot founded the company to allow data engineering teams to manage all their tasks via a single platform.


Varos, founded by Lior Chen and Yarden Shaked, offers planning software equipped with real-time competitor data. This helps marketing, product, and finance teams in making vital decisions based on accurate and current data.

Narrative BI

Narrative BI is a no-code augmented analytics platform founded by Michael Rumiantsau and Yury Koleda. It effortlessly integrates with existing data sources to detect anomalies and correlations, turning raw data into insightful narratives.

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