San Francisco’s Pioneering IT Startups Transforming the American Tech Landscape

January 25, 2024

The nerve center of technological revolution and innovation, San Francisco, pivotal in providing platforms for startups in the Information Technology sector. In this article, we feature a roster of innovative San Francisco-based tech startups thriving in the IT industry, launched in 2020 or later.

These startups are pioneering groundbreaking advancements across a breadth of sectors including Database, Developer Tools, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Finance, Compliance, Procurement, Software and more. Their flair for innovation, disruptive approach to entrenched challenges, and visionary founders, are redefining the Silicon Valley startup scene.

Here is an exploration of these brave new players, making a mark in an ever-evolving industrial landscape, striving to create an impact with their technological prowess and unique business models.


Headquartered in San Francisco, Supabase operates in the database, developer tools, information services, software, and information technology sector. Founded by Anthony Wilson and Paul Copplestone, Supabase stands as a compelling alternative to Firebase. The company’s primary offering is a platform that adds real-time and RESTful APIs to your PostgreSQL database sans any coding. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.


Founded by Lu Cheng and Rujul Zaparde, ZipHQ provides an integrated platform for employees to streamline purchases or vendor requests. The company automates procurement across a range of disciplines including finance, IT, legal, and data security. Among their standout products is a one-stop solution for initiating and tracking purchase requests. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg, Skiff is a privacy-first collaboration platform. It excels in providing secure workspaces, expiring links, and robust password protection founded on undaunted commitment to user privacy. Connect with Skiff on their LinkedIn page.


A brainchild of Henri Liriani and Keith Peiris, Tome leverages cutting-edge AI technologies for ideation and storytelling. Their flagship service generates comprehensive narratives based on user prompts, thereby turning raw ideas into visually compelling stories. For more insights, check out their LinkedIn.


Farmed by Jake Cooper, Railway brings to the fore software deployment platforms specifically designed for engineers. The firm is built by a dedicated, remote team tackling a varied array of problems pertaining to computing, distributed systems, languages, and compilers. Follow Railway on their LinkedIn page.


Rattle is pioneer in revenue orchestration platform co-founded by Apoorva Verma, Milan Singh, and Sahil Aggarwal. His suite integrates Salesforce technology into Slack or Teams, enabling efficacious and streamlined communication and interaction between teams and systems. Rattle’s LinkedIn profile has more details.


Lumos follows the credo – technology as superpowers. This startup is building an AppStore for companies to help employees access the right apps and permissions — a brainchild of Alan Lopez, Andrej Safundzic, and Leo Mehr. Connect with Lumos on their LinkedIn page.


Seth Yates, Tom Chavez, and Vivek Vaidya’s Ketch is a trailblazer in privacy compliance management. Their platform assists enterprises to maintain data privacy and security compliances thereby building consumer trust. Learn more about Ketch on their LinkedIn.


Bardeen, founded by Artem Harutyunyan and Pascal Christian Weinberger, is transforming productivity with its no-code workflow automation tool. Users can choose from a series of pre-built automation tasks or customize their own workflow. For more information, visit Bardeen’s LinkedIn profile.


Co-founded by Prasad Kawthekar and Pratyaksh Sharma, Dashworks is the starting point of your work. It brings together all your scattered company knowledge seamlessly for you to get things done. Visit Dashworks on their LinkedIn.


Backed by Greylock and led by Naseem Al-Naji, Stephen Cobbe, and Umaimah Khan, Opal is a security platform enabling organizations to orchestrate least privilege at scale. Installed on-premise and cloud in minutes, Opal decentralizes access management for overburdened teams. For more information, check out Opal’s LinkedIn.

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