San Francisco’s Pioneering Non-Profit Startups Transforming the US Landscape

January 26, 2024

The rise of non-profit startups in San Francisco reflects the city’s commitment to address significant societal issues while leveraging technology for the better. From healthcare to education, environment, and digital entertainment, these startups are reshaping philanthropy, providing innovative solutions to societal problems in a sustainable manner. Founded in 2020 and beyond, these startups are in the vanguard of redefining the non-profit sector while empowering communities. Let’s take a closer look at these startups on the rise.

These startups not only seek to make a difference, but they also possess a profound commitment to solving societal challenges, leveraging technology, and creating meaningful impact. Whether by combating global health crises or empowering underrepresented communities, these startups are utilising innovative methods for social good. Let’s explore these non-profit startups making waves in diverse sectors.

Throughout this article, you’ll discover startups leveraging technology to combat global health crises, advancing education for veterans, and providing vital resources for communities in need. Each offers forward-thinking solutions, insightful research, and aims to improve society. We invite you to learn more about each of them.


Founded by Amil Khanzada, Virufy is a pioneer in the world of non-profit healthcare. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virufy seeks to combat diseases through technology. You can find more about Virufy on their LinkedIn page.

Connect Humanity

Connect Humanity, a non-profit in digital entertainment and impact investing, provides philanthropic assistance and supports tech companies through impact investments. Stay updated with their work through their LinkedIn page and Twitter account @Connect_Fund.

SMC1A Foundation

The SMC1A Foundation dedicates its efforts towards healthcare and medical research. Focused on raising awareness and supporting individuals with SMC1A-related disorders, this foundation is a committed participant in the field. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @smc1a_epilepsy.

Feed The Frontlines SF

Founded by Andrea Quagliata, Feed The Frontlines SF seeks to provide meals to the frontline workers combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Boots to Books

Boots to Books is committed to facilitating military personnel integration to mainstream education and work opportunities. They offer comprehensive assistance to veterans, transitioning military, and their families. Learn more about their services on LinkedIn and Facebook.


ClimateVoice is a notable non-profit in the environmental engineering and renewable energy sector. They mobilize the workforce to urge companies to go ‘all in’ on climate. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @climatevoiceorg.

Corona Warriors

An innovative start-up in the healthcare technology space, Corona Warriors provides digital solutions to aid in the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic. Keep up with their work through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @coronawarriors.


3DUndersea operates at the intersection of environmental consulting and 3D technology. They are dedicated to bringing attention to the under-sea world that is largely yet to be explored. Stay updated with their work on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @3DUndersea.

Lost Women of Science

Co-founded by Amy Scharf and Katie Hafner, Lost Women of Science promotes the stories and achievements of female scientists. They aim to inspire future generations of women in the STEM fields. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @lostwomenofsci.


Founded by Daniel Molano, Defilanthropy is a blockchain-based Software as a service for non-profits and non-governmental organizations. Stay updated with their work through LinkedIn.

Autism Spectrum Reach

Autism Spectrum Reach offers training, research, and insights about autism. They aim to better equip social workers, carers, teachers, and doctors to provide essential support. Find more about their work on LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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