San Francisco’s Rising Internet Startups Revolutionizing the US Digital Landscape

January 29, 2024

San Francisco, the tech mecca of the United States, is brimming with startup companies that are shaping the future of various industries. These innovative startups, born in or after 2020, are using the power of the internet alongside cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize business operations, facilitate new forms of communication, and even redefine living spaces. Let’s take a closer look at some of these groundbreaking startups headquartered in San Francisco.

Their industries range from financial services to healthcare, artificial intelligence, and many more; all harnessing the power of the Internet to provide unique solutions and offerings. These companies, despite their recent inception, are already making waves in their respective industries, enabling new capabilities and setting new industry standards.

What distinguishes these startups is their mission to reshape traditional structures and bring innovative solutions to market. They present a wide range of solutions such as empowering communication, simplifying shared state storage, and revolutionising real estate and housing technology. Without further ado, let’s dive into the fascinating world of these startups.

Surge AI

Founded by Edwin Chen, Surge AI is a platform that specializes in the challenging and evolving field of data labeling. The startup offers an AI-powered data labeling platform, boasting its own labelers who work meticulously to ensure the richness and quality of the labeled data. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Poised, the brainchild of Charles Hua, Soumya Mohan, and Vicky Sehrawat, is an AI-powered communication coach that provides a new way to develop communication skills. Poised offers personalized lessons and feedback by observing online meetings. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


CtrlStack is a software development company that aims to solve common problems faced by DevOps engineers, founded in 2020. They unify DevOps by focusing on workflows and solving backward to the enabling data and technologies to foster a faster, easier, and safer DevOps environment. Find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Itay Vinik, Jeremy Smith, Romil Verma, and Tory Reiss, Equi is an innovative investment platform that gives access to alternative investments worldwide. Equi’s powerful data analytic tools are used to analyze private funds and deliver curated liquid alternative strategies directly to your portfolio. For updates, follow them on LinkedIn.


James Cowling, Jamie Turner, and Sujay Jayakar co-founded Convex, a company that simplifies storing your app’s shared state and syncing it across platforms. The developers use JavaScript or TypeScript functions and bind that shared state to your reactive app. They are reachable on LinkedIn.


Headroom, founded by Andrew Rabinovich, Julian Green, and Tarrence van As, is a virtual meeting platform enhanced by AI that delivers richer online meeting experiences aiming to enhance relationship formation, creative problem-solving and more. They can be found on LinkedIn.


Antonio Gonzalez and Jeff Wilson are the brains behind Jupe. This unique startup offers instantly deployable shelters designed for flexibility and customization that can be redeployed anywhere from music festival grounds to disaster-struck areas. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Foundation Labs

Foundation Labs, launched by Kayvon Tehranian and Matthew Vernon, is a blockchain-based art marketplace that empowers creators and tastemakers. The platform introduces new forms of ownership and revenue streams to the art and design world, enabling artists to mint tokens backed by their creations. Follow them on Facebook.


Co-founded by Alex Perelman and Nathan Shinder, Playhouse is a mobile app that revolutionizes the way properties for sale are experienced. It presents video listings, providing insightful, clear, and engaging views into the real estate market. Follow their journey on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Kaya, led by Corey Anand, offers a virtual mental health platform that provides clinically-led groups connecting people with shared experiences. They are active on LinkedIn.


Stackshine, a company devised by Sreesh Reddy and Tyler J. Diaz, aims to revolutionize the IT industry by providing a new operating system for enterprise IT teams. Their innovative operating system promises more effective and efficient enterprise IT operations. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

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