San Francisco’s Rising Social Media Startups: Innovating the American Landscape

January 30, 2024

San Francisco has long been a hotspot for startups building the latest innovative technology. One exciting evolutionary trend we’re witnessing is in the Social Media space. Startups founded in 2020 or later, have used the shifting digital zeitgeist towards virtual living, connectivity and social media usage precipitated by the pandemic, to create new platforms for users and businesses alike. From blockchain-backed platforms to AI-driven content creation services, we now highlight San Francisco based startups that are captivating the Social Media landscape.

Social media has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, helping us connect, share, and learn. It has also transformed business strategies and opened new ways for brands to engage with their audiences. These startups are pushing the boundaries of what we traditionally conceive as social media, bringing fresh ideas to this growing industry.

These San Francisco startups, established in 2020 or later, are using the power of social media to revolutionize sectors such as e-commerce, professional networking, digital marketing, and more. Here is a glimpse into ten dynamic startups making waves in the social media space.


Founded in 2020 by Chris Horne, Filta is a face filter platform where people get digital merchandise from their favorite creators. Users can buy and sell limited editions of face filter NFTs on social media, merging the realms of social media and blockchain technology. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Showwcase, founded by Rong Liew, is an innovative professional networking platform. It is a social network that provides a platform for individuals to express their professional selves, learn from others, and discover companies. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Postello offers a personal AI assistant, created by founders Alex Voloshyn Thief, Anton Kozyrev, Nadiya Maltseva, and Yurii Kushkarov, that helps to create engaging posts for social media. This AI tool takes the hassle out of social media promotion, making it a boon for busy entrepreneurs. Connect with Postello on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Bash Video

Founded by Jim Greer, Bash Video is a social video conferencing platform that connects people through games. This novel approach to video-conferencing combines fun and connectivity in one platform. Bash Video’s LinkedIn profile offers more details about their service.


Truffl is a travel planning app that allows users to interact and find recommendations from the people they trust. Founded by Eric Om, this application blends travel, social media and mobile technologies to enhance the travel planning experience. You may check out their LinkedIn for more information.


Cohere innovates with payments, location, social media, and blockchain. This startup aims to transform the way we interact with various technological mediums. You can connect with them on Facebook.


Entice, founded by Jin Lee, strives to revolutionize the way Internet marketing and sales intersect with social media. Stay updated with their latest innovations on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by J. Terrell Allen, Prose is an app that bridges education and social media thanks to its innovative software. Engage with Prose on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Cimpatico Studios

Cimpatico Studios produces talk shows about the work of social and private sector professionals. This unique media production company combines social media, TV production, and digital broadcasting to create engaging content. Join their community on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Vision To Develop

Vision To Develop provides B2B organizations with a creative background for services to assist with developing, marketing, manufacturing, and distributing products. Their services, which include social media management, are designed to combine creativity and strategy. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Syzygy Social

Syzygy Social, founded by AJ Cartas, is a consulting firm specializing in social media marketing. By using impactful strategies, Syzygy Social allows businesses to leverage the power of online platforms to reach their target audience. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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