San Francisco’s Rising Stars: Innovative US-Based 3D Technology Startups

January 3, 2024

San Francisco, a city heralded for its innovative spirit and entrepreneurial expertise, has witnessed the inception of many technology startups over the past years. The fertile ground of Silicon Valley has sprouted fresh enterprises in a promising sector – 3D technology. While 3D technology had humble beginnings in the gaming and animation industries, it is now transcending into varied sectors such as environmental consulting, artificial intelligence, real estate, product design, social networking, and many more. This piece showcases startups headquartered in San Francisco with an inception of 2020 or later, venturing into the world of 3D technology.

These admirable businesses all share a passion for progress in 3D technology, each bringing a unique value proposition to the industry. They are shaking things up and shaping the future of how we interact with technology. The beauty of 3D technology lies in its capacity to transform and envision ideas into a tangible reality, and these startups are pushing these boundaries. Read on to discover more about these inspiring companies.


Founded by a team of passionate environmental enthusiasts, 3DUndersea stands at the intersection of 3D Technology, Environmental Consulting, and Non-Profit sectors. More can be found out about their work on their Facebook page or LinkedIn.


Established by Atalay Taskoparan, Dr. Ali Peker, Dr. Kerem Par, and Kamil Guclu, Capoom is revolutionizing the use of 3D technology in real estate, mapping services, and gaming. You can connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Emmanuel de Maistre and Hervé Nivon, Scenario is creating a niche in the application modeling of 3D objects for the metaverse. Their work can be found on their LinkedIn and Twitter,


Started by Cecilia Uhr and Julian Park, Bezel is disrupting the 3D technology space with innovative applications in collaboration techniques and product design. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Infinite Fashion

Infinite Fashion is a growing startup at the forefront of 3D Technology, AI, and Machine Learning in the fashion industry. Learn more about their innovation on Twitter.

Symbiote AI

Founded by Taehoon Kim, Symbiote AI is fusing 3D technology with AI and AR to create an innovative avatar social network. Get in touch with them on LinkedIn.


TPD, backed by Khalid Alomari, has its interest in improving animation, film production, and Fintech employing 3D technology. See more of their intriguing work on LinkedIn.

Hologram Labs

Helmed by Hongzi Mao and Tong Pow, Hologram Labs is the creator of a unique platform for digital identities and virtual beings. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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