San Francisco’s Trailblazing Wellness Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 27, 2024

The wellness industry is gaining momentum in creating innovative solutions to address the numerous challenges faced in health, child care, personal health, and overall wellbeing. Today, we’ll look at startups based in San Francisco, incepted in 2020 or later, dedicated to making significant strides in the wellness sector.

From mental health care systems driven by data to services that provide personalized childcare for working families, these startups are exhibiting an impressive wave of innovation. Here’s a rundown of some of these up-and-coming wellness startups from the Bay Area.

The startups listed here include ARENA, a fitness and healthcare company, Aware Healthcare, a venture-backed start-up aimed at revolutionizing mental health care, and Journey Colab, which is changing the way we approach mental health with their development of psychedelic therapies.


Founded by Helen Mayer, Otter is a community builder dedicated to helping families thrive. Their platform links parents needing childcare with stay-at-home parents, controlling scheduling, payment, and logistics. Learn more about Otter on their Facebook, LinkedIn, or @withotter on Twitter.

Aware Healthcare

Founded by AJ Goldstein, Aware Healthcare aims to transform therapy from an art into a science. Their data-driven approach places quality above quantity, offering individualized care for mental health. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founders Ian Andersen and Nick Allen developed Sunnyside, an alcohol tracking app promoting healthier drinking habits. Keep up to date with Sunnyside on Facebook, LinkedIn, or @joinsunnyside on Twitter.


Founded by Chris Howell, Krisna Bhargava, and Zachary Rubin, ARENA blends engineering and athleticism to create platforms designed to make people healthier and stronger. Keep in touch with ARENA on Facebook, LinkedIn, or @goarenaco on Twitter.


Zen, created by Daniel James and Ion-Alexandru Secara, operates in the fitness and healthcare niche. Connect with Zen on LinkedIn.

Journey Colab

Founded by Jeeshan Chowdhury, Journey Colab is working on FDA approval for psychedelic therapies aimed at enhancing mental health and strengthening communities. Journey Colab is active across social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and @journeycolab on Twitter.

Equator Therapeutics

Co-founded by Jonah Sinick, Liliya Gabelev, Michael Grabe, and Yuriy Kirichok, Equator Therapeutics works on drugs to burn calories and improve metabolism

RX Delivered Now

Founders Dr. Anthony Do and Michael Nguyen are behind RX Delivered Now, a company that enhances the pharmacy experience by automating logistics and communication. Stay updated with RX Delivered Now on Facebook, LinkedIn, or @RxDeliveredNow on Twitter.


Founded by Vittoria Lecomte, Sesh is a mental health company providing access to group support through an app. Follow sesh on Facebook, LinkedIn, or @seshyourself on Twitter.

Oben Health

Oben Health is dedicated to health and fitness. Connect with Oben Health on LinkedIn.

Spora Health

Founded by Dan Miller, Spora Health provides primary care designed specifically for people of color. Stay in touch with Spora Health on Facebook, LinkedIn, or @SporaHealth on Twitter.

As these startups continue to grow, they each hold immense promise to revolutionize the wellness industry in their unique ways, demonstrating the innovation potential in the Bay Area and beyond.

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