Seattle’s Impressive Internet Startups: Showcasing American Entrepreneurial Innovation

January 27, 2024


The world of Internet startups continues to explode, fostering the creation of innovative solutions to problems we didn’t even know had. The surge of new internet startups, particularly in Seattle, Washington, USA, is impressive. Many of the startups that were selected were founded in 2020, reflecting how tech-startup scene has adapted to the changing needs and trends post pandemic. These companies are offering fascinating, ground-breaking technological services that have the potential to revolutionise their respective sectors.

Internet startups are on the rise, and Seattle is a city with various such companies that are making a big impact. With the Internet being such an integral part of our lives today, these new businesses are set to become even more influential with time. From revolutionizing workflows and improving productivity in industries like agriculture and employment, to personalising everyday processes like community deliveries and church visits, these Internet startups are delivering services that are quickly becoming critical in our increasingly-digital society.

Here are some exciting Seattle-based Internet startups, established in 2020 or later, that we believe deserve your attention. These startups are delivering unique ideas, reliable services, and are most definitely moving the needle forward.


Based in Seattle, Koidra operates within the Information Technology and the Internet of Things industry and offers a digital decision platform that increases the efficiency of operational decision-making in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors. The intelligent insights help these businesses to grow and scale digital workforces, enhancing overall business efficiency. For more about Koidra, keep in touch via their social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Solo Technologies

Founders Bryce Bennett and Keith Ng launched Solo Technologies to offer a unique platform that leverages data to bring professional and financial stability for gig workers. The company is indeed benefiting the digital employment sector, providing a novel solution for app-based workers. To know more about Solo Technologies follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by Ryan Agresta, Candidate is an innovative marketplace that provides incentives for every individual to act as a recruiter within their networks. The Seattle-based startup is at the forefront of revolutionising recruitment methods through its platform. To follow Candidate’s journey, keep updated on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels.

RevOps Co-op

RevOps Co-op is a trailblazer in the consulting, internet and training industry, offering invaluable advice for revenue operations. Partnered with both leaders and emerging startups, they are dedicated to creating software and tech solutions for revenue-driven companies. Stay updated with RevOps Co-op on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Operated by founder Ankit Dhawan, Virtuelly is a startup passionate about enhancing the media and entertainment industry with Internet of Things technology. Follow Virtuelly on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.


Cloudcation has emerged as a leading player in the e-learning sector. This Seattle-based startup is offering an ecosystem that enables individuals to participate productively in the digital economy by developing skills to create digital products. You can stay updated with Cloudcation on Facebook and LinkedIn.


As an Internet startup offering document management solutions, Seattle-based Plutus is dedicated to revolutionizing software applications. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated.


Locera visualizes and reports location data, making a significant impact in the Information Technology, Internet, and Software industry. Follow the latest updates from Locera on LinkedIn.


ChurchReserve is a unique Internet startup that allows churches to manage in-person gatherings while ensuring attendees’ safety and fostering a concentrated worship environment. Stay connected through Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founder John Vincent Lee’s brainchild, Shippie is an on-demand platform allowing anyone to send and receive items within their local communities. Stay connected to Shippie through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Littlebird Connected Care

Littlebird Connected Care, created by Monica Plath, is a multi-award-winning SaaS AI platform, offering a connected-care eco-system that helps improve long-term health outcomes. Keep up with Littlebird on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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