Seattle’s Innovative IT Startups Redefining Tech Landscape Across US

January 25, 2024

As the global tech ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, Seattle, Washington remains a key player for startups, attracting a wealth of talent in the field of information technology. Despite the challenging circumstances of 2020 and beyond, many innovative companies have been established, disrupting various industries and bringing fresh ideas and approaches to the market. In this article, we spotlight startup companies in the IT sector founded in 2020 or later, all headquartered in Seattle, a city recognized for its dynamic tech scene and its fostering of entrepreneurial spirit.

The startups chosen represent a broad spectrum of IT industries, from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence, software, and beyond. We take a closer look at these companies, their founders, and the solutions they provide, demonstrating the breadth of creativity and innovation found within the city’s tech scene. Among these are notable new entrants like Moderne, helping automate codebases, and Round that offers a supportive network for tech leaders.

Highlighting new ventures in the thriving IT industry, this article aims to inform, educate, and inspire tech enthusiasts, potential investors, and those simply interested in the fast-paced world of startups. Whereas some later-stage entities are carving a niche in sectors like machine learning, others are focusing on robotics, internet of things (IoT), or SaaS solutions, serving as clear testament to the diversity and dynamism of Seattle as a hub for tech innovation.


Moderne was cofounded by Jonathan Schneider and Olga Kundzich with a mission to help software developers stay on top of code changes efficiently. This innovative tech startup leverages automation to deal with vulnerabilities, improve code quality, and keep up with API changes. For more information, follow Moderne on Twitter or visit them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Spencer Thompson, Prelude is revolutionizing cybersecurity by offering an autonomous desktop application for continuous red teaming. With Prelude, users can simulate attacks as well as defend and train their assets. Check out Prelude on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Round, founded by Mani Gill and Ryan Fuller in 2020, caters to technology executives, offering a community where leaders can support, mentor, and learn from each other. Take a look at Round on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Artly Coffee

Artly Coffee, founded by Meng Wang and Yushan Chen, is putting AI to use in the coffee industry. The startup’s robot barista has been trained by coffee experts to brew specialty coffee, mitigating health risks associated with human contact. Connect with Artly Coffee on Instagram.


The team at Koidra is providing the agriculture and manufacturing sectors a digital decision platform that optimizes operational data and automates control decisions. Its solution helps increase overall business efficiency. Engage with Koidra on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


PairTree, founded by Erin Quick and Justin Friberg, modernizes the adoption process by leveraging technology to connect adoptive parents with birth moms. Find PairTree on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Stratify Technologies

Cofounded by Brian Camposano, Stratify Technologies offers a real-time collaborative solution for budgeting and forecasting. Their platform uses machine learning to spot performance gaps and provide revised forecast scenarios. Interact with Stratify on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Mesh, established by Diego Asenjo, has developed a B2B platform that verifies professional licenses and certifications. The system enables seamless verification of identity and professional credentials, providing businesses with a trusted platform for engagement. Follow Mesh on LinkedIn.


Fuelled by Kevin S Lin, Dendron is a software startup that enhances note management by helping you find relationships between your notes and organizing them logically. Check out Dendron on LinkedIn.


Founded by Bryan Oki and Pejman Pour-Moezzi, Reflective is an app that aims to improve work efficiency by providing guided and automated work. Stay updated with Reflective on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Last but not least, Odyssey, co-founded by Maxime Long and Reid SantaBarbara, offers a streaming metaverse platform that allows anyone to create metaverse sites as easily as building websites. Connect with Odyssey on LinkedIn.

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