Seattle’s Rising Non-Profit Startups Making Waves in US Industry

January 27, 2024

In recent years, the burgeoning segment of startups functioning within the non-profit industry has demonstrated an exceptional blend of innovative solutions coupled with a philanthropic purpose. These companies, despite their relatively recent inception in 2020 or later, have created profound footprints in their respective industries. Crucially, Seattle, Washington, United States serves as the epicenter for these discerning organizations, offering a favorable environment for their ongoing growth and success. Allow us to introduce you to some remarkable start-ups making waves from the heart of this city, providing an array of products and services within the non-profit sector.

Each startup included in this list, despite operating within the same industry, has presented pioneering methods to address the challenges they set out to tackle. These voyageurs have not solely aimed to create thriving enterprises but essentially strive to enable a measurable impact on society. Whether it’s healthcare, charitable work, or wellness management, these startups transcend traditional business models to directly influence critical social issues. Therefore, they don’t merely measure their success in financial terms but typically in the difference they make within the communities they serve.

In this city’s highly competitive and resource-rich startup ecosystem, these organizations have set themselves apart by focusing on fulfilling unmet needs or offering improved solutions for pressing societal problems. Here’s an overview of these dynamic startups that have set out to change the world in palpable ways, showcasing an inspiring blend of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to making a difference.

GH Labs

Founded in Seattle, Washington, GH Labs operates within the Assistive Technology, Health Care, and Non-Profit realm. Their primary aim is to create and employ advanced technologies in the health care sector to assist those in need. More information about their mission and services can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Greater Good Charities

In the realm of Charity, Health Care, Non-Profit, and Wellness, Greater Good Charities has been making significant strides, unifying these sectors. They work on a broad spectrum of initiatives for the betterment of all. Stay up-to-date with their work by following them on Facebook, Twitter, or their LinkedIn page.

Open Treatments

Open Treatments infuses the health care and therapeutics sector with innovative solutions, all while maintaining their not-for-profit status. They utilize a holistic perspective in developing treatments to enhance healthcare standards. Their developments can be monitored on their LinkedIn page.


EverythingALS illustrates the synergistic intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Information Technology, and non-profits. As a patient-centric organization, they focus on providing innovative data science services for patients and researchers. Catch their latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, or their LinkedIn page.

Therapy Fund Foundation

Focusing on Charity, Education, Health Care, and the Non-Profit industry, Therapy Fund Foundation embodies their mission to eliminate barriers to black healing throughout the diaspora. You can support their mission and track their activities on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page.

Under the guidance of founder AJ Vetter, converges brand marketing, charity, graphic design, and the non-profit sector in their activities. Find more about their approach to making a difference on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page.


Serving communities through education in a non-profit setting, INCForce+ has effectively navigated the startup landscape. Follow their journey on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Feel Good Voting

Feel Good Voting incorporates CivicTech, Non-Profit, and Social Media platforms to engage the public in civic matters. Stay connected with their initiatives on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.


With a ground-breaking approach towards E-Learning, Education, and Non-Profit industry, PeerGuide is committed to innovating the education landscape. Discover more about their vision on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


Mixing Art, Association, and Non-Profit, Whipsmart creates unique value for the art community. Learn more about their contribution to the art ecosystem on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

Reclaim Eritrea

With a focus on Information Services, News, and the Non-Profit industry, Reclaim Eritrea has effectively made its mark in the sector. Stay informed with their updates via their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, these compelling startups firmly establish Seattle as a pivotal city for non-profit innovations. By offering creative solutions to societal challenges, they reinforce the crucial role the non-profit sector plays in shaping an equitable and sustainable future for all.

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