Showcasing New Jersey’s Thriving US-Based Advertising Industry Startups

December 19, 2023

The advertising industry in the United States, particularly in New Jersey, has seen a surge of innovative startups established from 2020 onwards. These companies are diversifying advertising and digital marketing services, using modern technologies to elevate traditional methods, effectively combating competitive threats, and offering a broad range of services including social media marketing, SEO, SEM, and more. This article aims at highlighting some of these startups and their significant contributions to the industry.

From AI-driven contextual advertising to specialized services targeting e-commerce giants like, these startups are filling specific niches while collectively broadening the scope of the advertising industry. They’re driving marketing strategies with technology, providing unique solutions, and changing the way businesses connect with their target markets in unique, creative ways.

This article will delve into the founding teams and mission of these startups, exploring why they were established, what they aim to accomplish, and how they’re differentiating themselves in a bustling competitive landscape. Let’s dive into these exciting companies and their innovative contributions.

Neptune Retail Solutions

Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, Neptune Retail Solutions operates in the fields of advertising, digital marketing, and retail technology. Their services include dynamic digital billboards, data management, digital media, direct mail, combat competitive threats, and merchandising services.


Perceptly, also based in Jersey City, offers advertising and digital marketing services along with providing creative direction to businesses. Founders include William Dehnert. The company provides an analytics engine that merges human and artificial intelligence to generate product messages and graphical media. You can find them on LinkedIn.

DotCom Partners

DotCom Partners, founded by Corey Hammond, distinguishes itself as being the first and only agency composed of former Walmart eCommerce merchants. Specializing in helping brands & sellers grow on large online marketplaces, their services include eCommerce operations oversight, item optimization, adspend management, and tailored business growth strategies. Their Linkedin can be found here.

Delete Discontinued

Delete Discontinued operates in the realm of social media advertising and management. Based in Somerville, New Jersey, the company provides social media marketing strategies.

New Road Advertising

New Road Advertising, based in Pompton Lakes, provides marketing and advertising solutions across multiple channels including OTT, SEO, SEM, and social media. You can follow their recent updates on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Zoom1 Media & Advertising

Located in Ocean City, Zoom1 Media & Advertising provides advertising services, email marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Crothers Consulting

Based in Princeton, Crothers Consulting focuses its operations on advertising, content, digital marketing, and SEO. Stay updated with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


LensAI, a Ridgefield-based AI-infused ad platform, leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and image recognition to monetize any visual content. This cutting-edge ad solution matches relevant ads with identified objects, logos, and context in real-time. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Brandarrow Agency

Focused on advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, and more, Brandarrow Agency was established by Parth A. Patel in Monroe Township. You can connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter., founded by Alex Andreyev and Mir Akhgar, is a smart B2B marketplace empowering merchants to manage inventory, discover new products, and order directly from brands. Connecting with them on LinkedIn or Twitter gives you access to their latest offerings and updates.


Unique, co-founded by Rob Rasko and Warren Lapa, offers technology using a company’s consented customer data for targeted marketing, implementing AI & machine learning technologies without compromising privacy. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn for recent updates.

The surge, diversification, collaborative efforts and unique approach of these startups signify a new era for the advertising and digital marketing industry, not only in New Jersey but also across the United States.

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