Showcasing Pittsburgh’s Finest: US-based Consulting Startup Success Stories

January 28, 2024

With a rich mix of innovation and business acumen, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has become a dynamic hub for startup businesses over the last few years. The local startup ecosystem spans across various sectors with an impressive number of new businesses in the consulting industry. From environmental consulting to project management, CRM consulting, education consulting, AI, and financial services, startups in Pittsburgh are driving transformation and creating solutions to pressing industry needs. Today, we take a closer look at a selection of startups in the consulting sector operating in Pittsburgh:


At the intersection of Environmental Consulting, Information Technology, and Software lies Kloopify. The company offers an innovative platform for reducing emissions from purchased goods and services. As more businesses are moved to make environmentally sustainable purchasing decisions, Kloopify’s software not only accelerates revenue growth but also reduces risk for these businesses. Follow Kloopify on LinkedIn.

TruSummit Solutions

TruSummit Solutions, co-founded by Jordan Joltes, is a salesforce implementation partner and a consulting services provider. The company focuses on salesforce integration, CRM implementation, and digital transformation, providing cutting-edge solutions in the Consulting and Project Management sector. Get connected with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Elevyst offers services in the fields of harm reduction, public health, policy advocacy, and healthcare. This startup, founded by Amelia Hoge, provides institutional and community-based training services to improve care for the communities that their clients serve. Connect with Elevyst via their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Under the leadership of founder Edward Culligan, ScoutMine has built an AI-based VC Scouting and Ranking Solution Platform geared towards scouting some of the best startup companies worldwide. Follow ScoutMine on LinkedIn.

Interchange Capital Partners

Offering services in Banking, Consulting, Financial Services, and Wealth Management, Interchange Capital Partners, co-founded by Ahmie Baum, plays a pivotal role in the local finance scene. Get to know more about their activities on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Burger Group

Specializing in Advice, Consulting, and Financial Services, the Burger Group plays a vital role in the Pittsburgh financial scene. Follow Burger Group on LinkedIn.


Developing businesses is a key focus of Sustainible. This Business Development, Business Intelligence, Consulting, and Retail Tech venture was founded by Talpha Harris. Sustainible works to assist ventures in their startup phase.


Marketing and sales training services are the core offerings of Rowe. With a strong focus on job creation for entry-level candidates, Rowe also offers competition and event services. Get connected via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Call Center Authority

Call Center, Consulting, and Outsourcing services are the bread and butter of Call Center Authority. Their contributions to the local business landscape continue to make a positive impact in Pittsburgh. Follow the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The SageHouse

Last but not least, The SageHouse is a holding company that consults with and invests in fitness and wellness startups. Founded by Jenna Randolph and Jim Crowell in 2022, The SageHouse offers significant support to the local Pittsburgh startup scene. Follow The SageHouse on LinkedIn.

Whether it’s innovation in environmental sustainability or digital transformation, these Pittsburgh startups continue to carve a niche for themselves in the booming consulting industry, shaping the business landscape in Pennsylvania and beyond.

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