Showcasing San Jose’s Finest: Top Software Startups in United States

January 30, 2024

San Jose, California is a hotbed of innovation in the startup world. Home to Silicon Valley, this city sees a consistent influx of tech and software startups that are breaking the mold and disrupting industries. The last couple of years have been no different, as brilliant minds in the software industry have established startups that are making waves and changing the game. Here, we highlight a few of the startups in the software industry that were started in or after 2020 and are headquartered in San Jose.

These startups span a variety of industries within software, from artificial intelligence to security, human resources and IT, and collaboration. They are making significant strides in reshaping their respective industries, demonstrating how software solutions can transform the way businesses and people operate. Without further ado, let’s delve into the incredible world of these trailblazing San Jose software startups.

First up, we have Celestial AI, a company working in the realm of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and semiconductors. This company, headed by David Lazovsky, Michelle Tomasko, and Preet Virk, provides a Neuromorphic Photonic AI Computing solution for deep learning and machine learning applications. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Operating in the Information Technology, Security, and Software industry, Revelstoke is all about simplifying security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), enabling security teams to work faster, smarter, and more effectively. More details about them are available on their LinkedIn page.


PeopleReign, founded by Chue Moua, Dan Turchin, and Matt Parker, is a startup that specializes in automating IT and HR employee service through their unique SaaS platform. You can get more insights about this company on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Amir Ashkenazi, Switchboard aims to change the way people collaborate online. With their platform, users can browse the web and apps together at the same time, providing a significant change to conventional screen-sharing methods. Checkout their socials on Facebook, Twitter and of course on their LinkedIn page.

Ayraa AI

Ayraa AI is all about modernizing and simplifying workplace security, compliance, facilities, and operations through artificial intelligence. The startup was founded by Nikita Chikate and Vinay Mahadik. Learn more about Ayraa AI through their LinkedIn page.

Eichiba Labs

This company, founded by Anweshan Guha Roy, Kumar Ujjwal, and Sanjay Somasundaram, aims to improve business development and information systems by bringing emails, apps, team members, and customers together on one platform. You can find more info about the company on their LinkedIn page., founded by Niken Patel, helps enterprises make accurate service decisions at scale. Their AI-driven service intelligence platform delivers service predictions in seconds. Learn more about on their LinkedIn page.


Playsee is an IT firm that aims to bring an innovative approach to the software industry. Their details are available on their LinkedIn page or on their socials: Facebook & Twitter.


Komplyd, by Audrey Fernandez-Elliott and Rose Elliott, delivers an enterprise-class cannabis technology platform that makes risk and compliance management easy. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or connect via their LinkedIn page.

Unity SCM

Founded by Amir Taichman and Barak Cohen, Unity SCM works on providing SaaS solutions for supply chain management. More details can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Last but not least, Visionaize is an AI startup that helps companies accelerate their digital journey with data-driven intelligence. Check out their LinkedIn page for more.

These startups, with their innovative approaches, unique software solutions and ambitious ideas, are setting new standards and creating ripples in their respective industries. With their headquarters in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, they’re well-placed to lead the charge in the ever-changing software industry.

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