Spotlight on Atlanta: Pioneering US Software Startups Revolutionizing the Industry

January 29, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia, has always been known as a thriving haven for startups, specifically in the software industry where entrepreneurs from across the globe bring their visions to life in “the city in a forest.” The recent years, and particularly 2020, has seen a significant rise of new and innovative software startups. These startups, shifting the software landscape, range from Fintech to Health care, from developers of digital platforms to creators of robots, AI, and other groundbreaking technologies.

This article showcases a handful of these software startups, particularly those established in 2020 and later, their backgrounds, what they offer, and how they are making waves in Atlanta’s robust startup scene and beyond. Entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, investors seeking the next big thing, or simply software enthusiasts curious about the latest developments, read on!

Ranked alphabetically from A-Z, here are startups from Atlanta based in the software industry:


Co-founded by Neepa Patel, Themis is the first platform that allows banks, fintech, and cryptos to create a strong compliance environment instantly while enabling collaboration so that industries can create standards together and push innovation forward. This technology will solve long-standing industry communication issues.


Founded by Doug Williams and J. Douglas Williams, Rialtic is on a mission to make healthcare more efficient. They empower healthcare payers and providers with next-generation technology that will reduce the administrative burden, help them focus on delivering better care, and improve the entire system.


Gridline is a digital wealth platform developed to revolutionize private market investing by providing individual investors with access to top-performing alternative asset managers, enabling them to build diversified portfolios in a matter of minutes through a fully digital experience.

Spa Space

Spa Space is a membership-based booking and scheduling software system that serves Spa Professionals, Clients, and Facilities.


Founder LaVonda Brown designed EyeGage with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in mind to help industries ranging from construction to transportation.


Founded by Caelan Urquhart and J.P. Zivalich, Pipekit scales data pipelines for enterprises by managing Argo Workflows for data teams. The company provides vital tools like data pipeline management, Kubernetes management, resource cost controlling, built-in logging, multi-cluster workflows management, and built-in docker registry management.

Green Feather Software

Founded by Craig Haynor, Elyse Welch, and Michael Biederman, Green Feather Software is making strides in the healthcare and computer software industries.

Pull Logic

Founded by Karl Swensen, Pull Logic is a SaaS platform that addresses lost sales due to stockout for the retail industry. It empowers retailers with IntelLogic™, a sophisticated predictive product, and product substitute analytics tool, and AgileNetworkLogic™, a data-driven product availability network that adapts quickly to customer demands.


Co-founded by Anya Skomorokhova and Jonathan Porter, PorterLogic is the supply chain tech stack for ambitious brands. They help customers drive profitable and efficient growth by replacing spreadsheet-driven processes and filling operational gaps without changing their existing systems.


Founded by Larry Mickie, Sundae.FM provides a dedicated and developed workflow for remote music teams to meet the shifting trends in the music industry.


Founded by Christopher J. Cherian and Sohan Choudhury, Gatherly offers innovative solutions for individuals and businesses alike in the realm of video conferencing and remote communication.

These startups, among countless others in Atlanta, are striding forward with a promise for a brighter future. Embodying innovation, tenacity, and a keen eye for signalings in the current software environment, these startups are set to make a significant impact in their respective industries. As Atlanta continues to foster this vibrant startup culture, the city stands as an enticing hub for entrepreneurs, investors, and software enthusiasts around the globe.

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