Spotlight on Boston’s Innovative US-Based Real Estate Startup Revolution

January 27, 2024


As part of an ongoing series exploring startups from across the United States, we turn our spotlight to Boston, Massachusetts. A thriving hub of innovation, Boston has a diverse range of startups excelling in various industries. One such sector that has seen significant growth during the past few years is Real Estate. Today, we highlight startups in this industry that were founded in 2020 or later, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive of Boston’s real estate sector.

These startups are not only revolutionizing traditional real estate operations with cutting-edge technologies and services but also transforming the landscape of the sector across the city. From payment solutions for tenants to development and management tools for investors and legal support for various real estate transactions, these startups are tackling unique challenges in the industry.

Let us now take a brief tour of these startups, examining their unique propositions, their founders, and the key offerings that set them apart in the competitive real estate space.


Established by founders Ben Keller, Nickolas Johnson, and Remen Okoruwa, Rentdrop operates in the Payments, Real Estate, and Rental sectors. Consider following them on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Groma is a vertically integrated real estate investment, development, and management company, operating in the Information Technology, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment industries. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.


Foounded by Rishi Palriwala, Nuhom operates in the E-Commerce and Real Estate sectors, providing an innovative home buying experience. Check out their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles for more updates.

Sassoon Cymrot Law

Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, serves the legal needs of business and private clients across various domains including Real Estate. Explore their services through their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Style Mortgage

Style Mortgage operates in the Finance, Financial Services, and Real Estate Investment industries offering various mortgage and refinancing services. Follow them on their Facebook profile and LinkedIn.

Vertigo Real Estate Ventures

Vertigo Real Estate Ventures, founded by Michael Yenke, provides real estate investment services. Get more updates about them on their LinkedIn profile.

Seyon Management

Seyon Management offers indispensable consulting, property management and real estate services. Find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Adam Fischer, Monetics is revolutionizing the way commercial debt borrowers, lenders and servicers manage their loans. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates.

Apace Forms

Apace Forms, founded by Marcus Medley, is transforming the sector by making real estate paperwork a cakewalk. They can be found on LinkedIn.


HiHome aims to simplify the path to homeownership through its innovative tools and services. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn profile.

Currie Project Management

Currie Project Management provides professional project management services in the Property Development, Property Management, and Real Estate domains. They can be more closely followed on their LinkedIn profile.


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