Spotlight on Connecticut’s Rising Advice Industry Startups in the US

January 3, 2024

The Advice industry has seen an influx of innovative startups in recent years, with many of them choosing Connecticut as their base of operations. Companies in this industry range from those offering consultancy services to financial services and even property management. The diversity reflects the wide range of issues and challenges confronting businesses and individuals today, and the need for specialized advice and solutions. Let’s take a closer look at some exciting startups that launched in, or after, 2020 in this sector.

First on the list is Tomo based in Stamford. This startup has embraced various segments of the Advice industry including consulting, property management, and real estate. Their unique approach ensures clients maximize their real estate investments. Connect with them through their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages.

Indelible Impressions Consulting

Indelible Impressions Consulting is the manifestation of entrepreneurial spirit in Newington. It operates in the consultancy and professional services segment of the Advice industry. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them via their LinkedIn or Facebook if you wish to benefit from their professional consulting services.

RiskBridge Advisors

A startup in New Canaan, RiskBridge Advisors has distinguished itself in the domains of consulting, financial services, and impact investing. They are in business to provide clients with the necessary financial advice to mitigate risks and maximize returns. Keep up with them on LinkedIn.

Ostomy Awareness Foundation

Ostomy Awareness Foundation launched in New Milford with a goal to educate, offer advice, and advocate for ostomates and their caregivers. They are committed to helping their community members achieve their full potential. Stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

USRN Partners

Based in Farmington, USRN Partners is a health and medical advisory company providing various services including income analysis, business management, and Nursing support management. Follow them on LinkedIn for their latest updates.

KP7 Investors

Lastly, based in Greenwich is KP7 Investors, a financial services company providing financial advice to its clients. The venture was launched by Kent Whitaker. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

The above companies demonstrate the diversity and dynamism of the Advice industry in Connecticut and indicate promising trends for the future. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, innovation and entrepreneurship have shown resilience, and from consultancy services to Financial Services and more, startups in Connecticut are well-positioned to drive the Advice industry forward.

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