Spotlight on Corona, NY: Legal Powerhouses and Pioneers

July 25, 2023

Accion Latina Incorporated

Categories: Consulting Agency, Attorney, Lawyer, Business Services, Attorneys and Lawyers, Legal Services Plans

A versatile agency, Accion Latina Incorporated stands as a beacon for the diverse legal needs of the Corona community.

Ginarte Law Firm – Corona NY

Categories: Personal Injury Attorney, Law Firm, and more.

Description: A lifeline for the Latino immigrant community in Queens, Ginarte Law Firm specializes in assisting those who’ve suffered personal injuries due to others’ negligence. From workplace mishaps to auto accidents, their dedicated team is here to champion your rights.

Law Offices of Clifford Olshaker PC

Categories: Lawyer

Though lacking a direct website or description, the reputation of Clifford Olshaker PC precedes itself in the legal circles of Corona.

Goldstein & Weinreich

Categories: Lawyer, Attorney, Legal Services, and more.

Another firm without a dedicated online presence, but Goldstein & Weinreich have made their mark in Corona through word-of-mouth testimonials and the success stories of their clients.

Edward F. Guida Jr #14 NYC Marshal Services

Categories: City Government Office, Eviction Service, and more.

Beyond traditional legal services, NYC Marshal Services plays a crucial role in the seamless functioning of city governance.

Family Group Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Categories: Insurance Agency, Business Insurance Service, and more.

Description: Serving the insurance needs of Corona, from business to auto, Family Group Insurance Brokerage has cemented itself as a trusted ally in risk management and protection.

The Romero Firm

Categories: Law firm

Though details are sparse, The Romero Firm is known for its robust legal expertise and commitment to justice in the community.

Su Caso

Categories: Personal Injury Attorney, Medical Malpractice Attorney, and more.

Description: When a case isn’t just a case, Su Caso steps in. From personal injuries to family law, they promise to fight for their clients with familial devotion.

Lipsig Abogados de Nueva York

Categories: Personal Injury Attorney

Focused on personal injury, Lipsig Abogados de Nueva York brings a specialized touch to their practice, ensuring victims receive the justice they deserve.

Hernandez Maritza

Though no specific details are provided, Hernandez Maritza is another name that resonates in the legal corridors of Corona.

Joe Baez

Categories: Brokers, Insurance, Agent, and more.

A multifaceted professional, Joe Baez offers services that range from insurance brokerage to tax attorney expertise.

Gm Processing Service

Categories: Business Services, Legal Services, and more.

A hub for diverse business and legal services, Gm Processing Service supports the local community with an array of offerings.

Gloria Cirino

Categories: Lawyer, Legal Services

Gloria Cirino’s name stands tall in Corona’s legal landscape, offering expertise and assistance when most needed.

Delvillar Associates

Categories: Legal Services, Lawyers and Attorneys

Delvillar Associates brings a combined legal acumen to the table, ensuring that residents of Corona have access to comprehensive services.

Oresky & Associates, PLLC

Categories: Personal Injury Attorney, Auto Accident Attorney, and more.

With a focus on personal injuries and auto accidents, Oresky & Associates ensures that victims find the legal representation they require.

Corona, NY boasts a rich tapestry of legal services and professionals, ensuring that the community’s legal needs are met with precision, expertise, and compassion.

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