Spotlight on Denver’s Innovative Marketing Startups Transforming US Industry

January 29, 2024

Denver, Colorado saw a bloom of fresh startups in the marketing industry in 2020 and beyond, each bringing innovative and ground-breaking techniques to the table. This article showcases those startups, introducing their founders, their mission, and the specialized marketing avenues they encompass. From community-driven mentorship platforms to cannabis dispensary tech solutions, the following marketing startups in Denver offer a unique spectrum of sectors and services.

The city’s startup environment offers a diversity of companies that operate across various niches of the marketing industry including brand marketing, digital and social media marketing, video advertising, and more. What is compelling in the Denver startup scene is the synergy of innovation and cross-sector collaboration that these startups exhibit.

Not only are these startups shaking up the traditional marketing landscape, but they are also creating job opportunities and contributing to the local economy. Whether they are supporting underrepresented professionals or leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem, these startups are demonstrating a new era of marketing in Denver.

Mentor Spaces

Founded by Chris Motley and Kunal Parbadia, Mentor Spaces is the largest mentorship community for underrepresented professionals. It’s a community-driven platform designed to streamline the recruitment process of underrepresented talent, making it easier for companies to attract, hire, and retain them. It also conducts regular conversations with industry experts that align with the professional goals and interests of these individuals.


VideoByte, founded by David Martin, David Naffis, and Nicholas Frazee, is a modern-day solution to video advertising. Specializing in Connected TV (CTV) and Over the Top (OTT) platforms, VideoByte’s advanced video technology delivers memorable, high-impact brand moments for advertisers while increasing the profitability of the publisher.

Pronto Ai

Founded by Ayesha Shehryar, Shehryar Akhtar, and Will Feldman, Pronto Ai provides innovative advertising and brand marketing solutions. It operates as a creative agency offering video editing services.

GTM Guides

The Denver-based startup, GTM Guides, is a Salesforce ecosystem success firm that aids businesses in their growth within the Salesforce ecosystem. It offers a wide range of services, including consulting, marketing, sales, and more, for the service industry.

Bluehour Digital Marketing

Bluehour Digital Marketing is a provider of various digital marketing services including advertising, SEO and UX design.


Founded by Trevor Shirk, Terrayn is a unique marketing startup that provides technological solutions for cannabis dispensaries. Its offerings range from a funding platform and Internet marketing to specialized software.

Martek Cloud

Based in Denver, Martek Cloud offers a suite of advertising and digital marketing services. Their solutions include social media management, reputation management, customer reviews, website hosting, SEO, and digital advertising, making them one of the most comprehensive marketing startups in the city.

Post Meridiem

Founded by Nichole Sellden and Waverly McDaniel, Post Meridiem aims to drive marketing strategies, design robust brand identities, and deliver remarkable website services including logo development, graphic design, media packages, website development, and marketing strategy.

Unframed Digital

Unframed Digital is a marketing startup that provides comprehensive digital services like graphic design, website design, copywriting, branding ads, digital ad design, and more. They follow a systemic approach that includes discovery, analysis, design, build, and management.


Founded by David Proestos, Nteraction operates in the fields of content distribution, information services, and mobile app development along with its marketing services.


Codiz is a Denver-based marketing startup that provides web design, application development, web development, mobility, and digital marketing services to B2B and B2C companies. They aim to enhance businesses through responsive web and mobile-based design platforms and advanced search engine promotions.

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