Spotlight on Fayetteville’s Finest: A Tour of Top Used Car Dealerships in Town

July 21, 2023

Auto Source
Categories: Car Dealership, Used car dealer
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A recognized player in the used car dealership industry, Auto Source has consistently demonstrated its commitment to offering quality vehicles to its clientele.

Richardson Wholesale
Categories: Car Dealership, Used car dealer, Automotive Dealers, Gasoline Service Stations, and more.
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Diverse in its offerings, Richardson Wholesale stands out with its multifaceted approach. From gasoline service stations to car dealerships, it’s truly a one-stop shop.

Cars Incorporated
Categories: Used car dealer, Storage, Cars, Moving, and more.

Beyond just cars, Cars Incorporated delivers on diverse needs like storage and moving. This makes them a preferred choice for those looking for a comprehensive service package.

Mike Mitchell Auto Salvage & Sales
Categories: Used car dealer, Auto Dealers, Part Retail, and more.

Mike Mitchell stands out with its focus on salvage and parts, offering unique opportunities for those seeking specific auto parts or vehicles with potential.

b & b Wholesale Auto & Equipment
Categories: Car Dealership, Cars, Used car dealer, and more.

B & B brings a blend of vehicles and equipment sales, catering to both individual and business needs.

Cars Plus
Categories: Car Dealership, Used car dealer, Auto Dealers, and more.

With a specialized focus on auto customizing, restoration, and detailing, Cars Plus is the go-to for those looking to rejuvenate or customize their rides.

Purebred Motors
Categories: Used car dealer, Automotive Dealers, Gasoline Service Stations

As the name suggests, Purebred Motors prides itself on its premium collection of cars, ensuring customers drive away with nothing but the best.

Howard Bentley Toyota Incorporated
Categories: Car Dealers

Synonymous with quality and trust, Howard Bentley Toyota Incorporated offers an array of Toyota vehicles, embodying innovation and reliability.

Holts Wholesale
Categories: Car dealer

Holts Wholesale is a trusted name for those seeking a straightforward, reliable car dealership experience.

Ac Sales
Categories: Not specified

Though details are sparse, Ac Sales remains a mention-worthy player in the market, known for its reliability and service.

Howard Bentley Chevrolet Buick GMC
Categories: Car Dealership, Chevrolet dealer, Buick Dealer

Specializing in Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC, Howard Bentley is the hub for top-tier vehicles that resonate with class and performance.

White’s Motorsports
Categories: Not specified
[Website: Not available]

Details may be limited, but White’s Motorsports has made its mark in the industry, known for its top-notch vehicles and unparalleled service.

Harold Seals Auto Sales
Categories: Car Dealership, Automotive Parts Store, Auto Rental, and more.
[Website: Not available]

Harold Seals goes beyond just sales, providing rental options and automotive parts, making it a comprehensive solution for various automotive needs.

Eagle Pass Auto Sale
Categories: Car Dealership, Cars, Used car dealer, and more.

Eagle Pass is not just about sales; it’s about the passion for cars. With their vast collection and impeccable service, they’ve become a favorite amongst locals.

Goose Creek Auto Salvage and Sales
Categories: Auto parts store, Car Dealers, Part Retail, and more.

For those in search of specific parts or looking for salvaged beauties, Goose Creek is the place to go. Their extensive inventory is a treasure trove for auto enthusiasts.

The used car market in Fayetteville, TN, is vast and varied. These dealerships are just a few that showcase the breadth and depth of offerings in the city. Each one has its own specialty, making it an exciting journey for potential car buyers.

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