Spotlight on LA-Based US Education Startups Transforming Learning Landscape

January 26, 2024

Education is a sector with limitless possibilities for innovation. As a powerhouse of industry itself, Los Angeles is leading the way with diverse startups dedicated to propelling education forward. This collection features startups with an inception of 2020 or later, each with unique strategies, visions, and technologies contributing to the evolving educational sector. These ambitious companies are focused on leveraging the latest technologies, creating remarkable solutions, and providing vital services to address the diverse education industry’s complex needs.

Los Angeles is known for its diverse communities and thriving industries. A growing trend in the city has been an increase in EdTech startups aiming to reshape the future of education with innovative solutions and creative concepts. In this article, we will be discussing ten such startup companies that have sprung up recently within the LA area.

From software development, health and wellness programs, to crowdfunding initiatives and e-learning solutions, these startups are making their mark in the education industry. Although they are unique in their own right, they share common goals: to enhance learning experiences, improve accessibility, and to prepare the new generation for the dynamic future ahead.

Evolution Alliance

Founded by Jen Pumo, Evolution Alliance is an EdTech startup operating in the education sector. They are dedicated to empowering teachers and leaders through high-performing, learning-centered education software. The software provides student-centric instruction based on prioritized standards and measured by balanced assessment systems. This tool aims to increase equitable practices and deliver measurable results.

Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed., founded by Brynne Caleda and Julia Bond, is an educational company that supports the health and wellness of school communities worldwide. They provide simple tools that help educators and children feel better through evidence-based training, classes, and educational resources.


Based in Los Angeles, California, DailiesPods is an EdTech startup providing a platform that focuses on bridging the gap between parents and students. Established in 2020, it aims to facilitate better family involvement in the education process.


StartupStarter, founded by Jose Barrera, Lorel Scott, and Rohan Aurora, is dedicated to building the world’s largest live-streaming business education platform. This innovative platform creates high-quality, on-demand classes catered for today’s busy entrepreneurs and covers a variety of topics relevant to growing businesses.


Founded by Adeva Edobor, Azeem Ghoury, Calvin Hoang, and Muthukumararaja Boorasamy, KuKu is a startup company based in Los Angeles operating in the education and financial services industry.


Toolsy is a startup operating in the e-learning sector. They offer training services and software solutions to facilitate effective and efficient learning.

Amplify RJ

Founded by David Ryan Castro-Harris, Amplify RJ raises awareness of Restorative Justice philosophy, practices, and values by creating multimedia content and facilitating RJ experiences, training, and processes.

Creatives 4 Democracy

Creatives 4 Democracy is a LA-based startup operating in the charity, education, non-profit, and politics sectors, focused on utilizing creativity for positive social impact.

Black Girls Leadership Academy

The Black Girls Leadership Academy is a non-profit venture dedicated to personal development and leadership education, striving to uplift and support the girl-child.

Onlife Coach

OnlifeCoach offers a plethora of coaching services including business and career, health and fitness, and relationship aspects, among others. They aim to provide a constant personal support system from expert life coaches.

UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center

UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center aims to propel the energy industry through education and market research, striving to create a future where sustainable energy is accessible for all.

In conclusion, the LA education startup sector is rich with fresh ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and passionate founders. Even in its infancy, each of these startups exhibits potential to profoundly impact their respective niches within the broader global education industry. With this same entrepreneurial spirit, there is no doubt that LA will continue to be a hotbed for promising startups in the education sector.

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