Spotlight on Las Vegas Software Startups: Pioneering American Technological Innovation

January 27, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada, often recognized primarily for its entertainment and gaming industry, has given rise to a burgeoning community of new software startups since 2020. These companies have embraced a range of industries from E-Commerce to Cloud Management bringing innovative solutions and tremendous growth to the region. Here, we’re going to share a snapshot of some of the Las Vegas-based software startups that are making a big impact.

From employing groundbreaking technology to pioneering new processes and services, these startups are characterized by their innovative spirit and commitment to impacting lives positively. Despite the challenges posed by the unprecedented global pandemic, these companies have remained resilient and continued to grow and succeed. Their stories are inspirational for budding entrepreneurs and other startups across the country.

Take a closer look at these companies, learn about their specialized services, and discover how they are shaping the future of software industry in Las Vegas and beyond. It is evident that the city’s tech scene is characterized by a welcoming entrepreneurial climate, a rich talent pool, and an innovative bent.

Carrot Inc

Founded by Jacqueline Morck, James Hammer, Sebastian Tory-Pratt, Sviat Chumakov, Carrot Inc is at the cutting edge of retail technology. It assists retailers to escalate their revenue growth through its innovative operating software. Don’t miss to check their page on LinkedIn to get updates on their latest offerings.


GoMeyra provides cloud-based solutions for managing ordering, accessing, billing, reporting, and inventory. Their product streamlines processes in real-time, delivering a simplified user experience for both employers and providers. You can follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Cloudmattr, led by founder Aaron Jimenez, is a standout B2B product management software startup. Follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to get the latest news and updates.


PALLI GROUP offers solutions in Mobile Apps, Software, Web Development industry, marring robust technicity with innovation. Here’s their LinkedIn page for the ones who wish to delve deeper – PALLI GROUP

Normalized Full-Stack Development

Normalized Full-Stack Development delivers highly secure and reliable big data projects to drive promised results. They specialize in web, mobile web, internal use only, and cloud applications. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details.


Combining expertise in Information Technology and Mobile App development, EdgelessGo Venture has shown progressive growth since its inception. Learn more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Lamasoft is a renowned software development firm, specializing in the creation, customization, and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions and advanced web and mobile applications.


At the fore of eCommerce, Software, and Web Design, AGC ECOMMERCE offers a robust platform for website building. Follow their journey on their social media profiles- Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Bryan Lord, Yep is making its mark in Consumer Software, Information Technology.


OpenEnvoy, set up by Matt Tillman and Parker Moore, brings automation to financial invoice reconciliation. They offer effective solutions to counter duplicate billings, excess charges, and supplier fraud, auditing over $2 billion to-date. Visit Facebook and LinkedIn for getting plugged in with their latest updates.


Guestio serves the growing need for quality interviews in the creator economy with their innovative platform that brings leading experts together in a single marketplace, led by founder Travis Chappell. By allowing each guest to set their own price for their time, it provides an exciting model that gives access to the inaccessible for content creators. Catch more of their story on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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