Spotlight on Miami’s Real Estate Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 26, 2024

Miami, Florida, hails as one of the country’s richest playgrounds for real estate developers, and is subsequently popular amongst startups in the industry. Since the beginning of 2020, numerous real estate, property development, property management, and related startups have emerged, bringing with them innovative strategies and solutions. This article sheds light on the top real estate startups in Miami that have made their inception in the year 2020 or later and have been making significant contributions to the industry.

It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of these startups, including details on their founders, a description of their company, the industry in which they’re operating, their website and social media links, and their headquarters. Drawn from various industries such as commercial, residential, property management, construction, hospitality, and prop-tech among others, these startups exemplify the dynamism of Miami’s real estate & property technology sector.

What they all share is a commitment to improving the efficiency, transparency and sustainability of the property industry, using cutting-edge digital technology to upgrade traditional practices. Without further ado, let’s dive into the appealing world of Miami’s real estate startups.

Legacy Residential Group

Legacy Residential Group, founded by Tommy Cabrerizo, is a multifaceted real estate firm specializing in the acquisition, operation, and development of workforce multifamily housing. Their offerings include a range of in-house real estate services like market research, analysis, property management, upgrades, renovations and more. They’re located in Miami, Florida. Facebook | LinkedIn

Kipling Ventures

Directed by founder Simeon Ramsden, Kipling Ventures is a dynamic real estate developer ambitious about creating unique residential, commercial, and hospitality environments. The Miami-based company utilizes a long-term strategy of value-add development.



Retirementinvestments, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is focused on enlightening and equipping consumers with the essential financial knowledge, which will impel them to make informed investment decisions. Facebook | LinkedIn

Creative Realty Group

Creative Realty Group, anchored in Miami, Florida, offers specialised retail tenant representation, strategic planning and market analysis services. In addition, it renders development, acquisitions, asset management and further services. Facebook

The Mortgage Calculator

Under the guidance of founder Nicholas Hiersche, The Mortgage Calculator provides financial services helpful for individuals and entities dealing with real estate. Facebook | LinkedIn

Bayside Funding

Bayside Funding delivers residential, commercial, and private lending solutions. They cater to a wide array of financial requirements ranging from short and long-term loans to construction loans for real estate ventures at their Miami headquarters. Facebook | LinkedIn

L2B Invest

Miami’s L2B Invest is a reputable name in asset management and funding. They primarily focus on building high-quality commercial properties with their comprehensive research, data, and analytics targeting only high-performing assets. LinkedIn

SMARTii Estate

SMARTii Estate, based in Miami, Florida, offers a range of services in the real estate industry focusing on building maintenance and communities. Facebook | LinkedIn

Engel & Völkers Coconut Grove

Engel & Völkers Coconut Grove is a Miami, Florida-based real estate firm offering practical advice to individuals dealing with real estate and residential properties. Facebook | LinkedIn

Bongo Property Solutions

With the aim of assisting business owners and homeowners in buying or selling properties, and improving communities, Bongo Property Solutions was initiated in Miami, Florida. Facebook | LinkedIn

R Florida

R Florida is a prominent real estate firm operating from Miami, Florida. Targeting the property management and rental industry. Facebook | LinkedIn

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