Spotlight on New York’s Emerging US-Based Security Startups

January 29, 2024

Located at the heart of business innovation, New York City has been known to foster a multitude of startups, particularly in the field of security. Birthed in or after 2020, these security-oriented companies have been designing groundbreaking products and services to keep digital operations safe and secure. This article will be focusing on several of these New York-based startup companies: Graphite, CYBERA, Anonybit, Sora ID, Heights Labs, ThreatKey, Worklyn Partners, Agency, HRDN, CTI League, and Polymer.

As threats to digital security continue to evolve, these companies have found unique ways to provide solutions. Ranging from open-source developer tools, cutting-edge cybersecurity systems, to innovative hardware appliances designed for High Risk Data Networking, the products offered by these startups prove to be not only essential but also future-forward.

Furthermore, these startups are each founded by skilled professionals with years of experience and deep insights in their respective fields. Some of the founders include Carlos Beltran, Jonathan Haas, and Yasir Ali to name a few. Now, let’s dive deeper into each of these companies and their groundbreaking contributions to digital security.


Graphite, found in the software engineering industry, is an open-source CLI and code review dashboard that’s meant to help engineers write and review small pull requests more efficiently. Learn more about the company on LinkedIn or keep up-to-date with their latest updates on Twitter @withgraphite.


CYBERA is a startup in the cybersecurity realm, with a focus on law enforcement and cryptocurrency. They aim to shut down cybercriminals by sharing actionable information in real-time and coordinating a global legal response to support the victims of scams and online fraud. Further information can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Specializing in biometrics and network security, Anonybit creates a decentralized framework that simultaneously improves compliance, protects identity, and safeguards personal assets. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for more information.

Sora ID

Committed to the development of a better paradigm for online identification, Sora ID operates in the internet security and software industry. They strategize to contribute to long-term success in the digital realm.

Heights Labs

Operating in the fields of compliance, law enforcement, and national security, Heights Labs is a business dedicated to maintaining security standards in the modern world. Get to know more about them from their LinkedIn page or via their Twitter handle @HeightsLabs.


Thriving in the computer security industry, ThreatKey assists in bolstering digital safety measures. Engage with them on their LinkedIn page or catch updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Worklyn Partners

Specializing in cybersecurity and information technology, Worklyn Partners operates at the crossroads of these fields, with an emphasis on strategic investments. Visit their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter at @WorklynTweets.


Working within the realm of cybersecurity and professional services, Agency continually brings new solutions to the market to make digital operations more secure. Engage with them further on their LinkedIn page or their Twitter at @getagency_com.


HRDN, operating in cyber security, hardware, and software, delivers beyond encryption for High Risk Data Networking in different sectors. Find out more about their innovations on their LinkedIn page and through their Twitter handle @hrdnlabs.

CTI League

The CTI League offers neutralization, prevention, support, and health-related support services in the field of cyber security. Find out more from their LinkedIn page or their Twitter at @ctileague.


Finally, Polymer is a data governance and privacy platform used for third-party SaaS applications such as Slack, Dropbox, and Zendesk. Learn more about how they protect against data loss and cyber breaches through their LinkedIn page and Twitter handle @polymerdlp.

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