Spotlight on San Francisco E-Commerce Startups Revolutionizing U.S Retail Landscape

January 29, 2024

Welcome to our latest feature, highlighting some of the newest and most innovative startups based in the vibrant city of San Francisco. With an inception date of 2020 or later, these exciting enterprises represent the fresh wave of entrepreneurship sweeping the country, specifically in the e-commerce industry. We take a closer look at the companies that are using technology to revolutionize everything from fashion to finance, food and beverage to FinTech. Get ready to meet the movers and shakers shaping San Francisco’s E-commerce scene.

For a city renowned for its innovation and ingenuity, San Francisco continues to be a fertile breeding ground for startups. With its solid technology ecosystem, nurturing entrepreneurial spirit, and insatiable appetite for new ideas, the city is once again demonstrating why it’s a major player on the global start-up stage. Let’s delve into the virtual world of these companies and understand more about how they’re revolutionising their respective industries.

In an era where buying and selling goods online has reached unprecedented levels, the companies we introduce you to today are leveraging modern technology and delivering unique solutions. From connecting wine lovers with boutique vineyards to helping brands personalise their interactions with customers, these startups are disrupting the traditional e-commerce sphere in San Francisco.


Founded by Ella Zhang, Maddie Davidson, and Sherwin Xia, Trendsi is an online fashion B2B marketplace designed to help sellers expand their businesses by providing wholesale inventory. Utilizing advanced technology, Trendsi helps manage the risk involved in starting and growing a business. Follow them on @TrendsiShop, at their Facebook page or on LinkedIn.


Checkmate is a shopping dashboard and extension that aggregates all your shopping needs in one place. One can visualize deal history, order history, ongoing shipments, and loyalty points, and apply all this information automatically during checkout. You can connect with them on @CheckmateSaves, Facebook page and LinkedIn.


Adam Zbar, Hubert Wu, and Liang Gong jointly established HamsaPay. The company is the world’s first smart, X-border trade DeFi network that uses blockchain to democratize access to finance, providing deep-tier trade financing to supply chains in APAC and LATAM. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Created by the innovative minds of Andrew Yates and Dan Hill, merges organic search, promotions, and ads into a single, optimized system for marketplaces. It promotes a marketplace’s top listings to enhance revenue potential. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Stayflexi, founded by Krishna Sasank Talasila, Preetam Mohan Shetty, and Venkatesh Sakamuri, assists hotels and vacation rentals in maximizing unsold rooms and amenities by automating their operations. Stay updated on their offerings by following them on @stayflexi_, their Facebook page or LinkedIn.


Vinebase, founded by Chantam Duong, Kieran Klaassen, and Rachel Woods, aims to bridge the gap between small wineries and wine enthusiasts with its DTC platform. Connect with Vinebase through their LinkedIn page.


Co-created by Annie Hwang and Jason Cui, Jemi is a holistic solution catered to content creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals, enabling them to build bio links, websites, and stores promptly. Stay updated with their developments on @jemi_hq, their Facebook page or on their LinkedIn.


CartLoop, founded by Andrei Negrau and Lisa Popovici, helps e-commerce brands build meaningful connections with their customers through personalized 1:1 interactions. Follow them on @cartloopHQ, their Facebook page or LinkedIn.


Founded by Conner Sherline, Disco is an AI-driven platform that works across brands to recommend products to consumers. Connect with them on @discotechinc, their Facebook page or LinkedIn.


Phil Chen’s tastebase aims to shift the food and beverage CPG industry’s culture, creating appealing products, content, and shopping experiences for the modern food lover. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Denia Ebersole, Catch promises to bring about a revolution in the e-commerce, FinTech, Internet, and Payments industry. Connect with them on @PayWithCatch, their Facebook page or LinkedIn.

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