Spotlight on San Francisco’s Innovative Real Estate Startups in the US

January 26, 2024

The booming Real Estate industry has taken a digital turn, especially with the rise of new startups in the Silicon Valley. Unlike traditional real estate businesses, these startups aim to harness the power of information technology, data analytics, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence to transform the real estate landscape. Focusing on the San Francisco area, we have curated a list of ten startups that are redesigning the Real Estate industry with their innovative solutions and services. These noteworthy startups stepped into the limelight in 2020 or later, making significant strides in a short span of time.

These startups range from mobile-first residential real estate brokerages that leverage the power of automation and human expertise to mobile apps for browsing video listings of properties for sale. Some others provide real-time property valuations and even help commercial real estate owners to deliver projects on time, and on budget. The vivid panorama of real estate startups in San Francisco, California, delineates the industry’s swift transition towards digital transformation, enhancing the delivery of real estate services and solutions through innovative means.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into each startup and explore what they bring to the table.


Fractional is an investment application that brings the concept of fractional ownership to the real estate. Founded by Stella Han, Fractional lets users directly own fractions of investment properties and visualize the returns, cash flow, and costs of properties on the marketplace.


An innovative housing technology startup founded by Antonio Gonzalez and Jeff Wilson, Jupe allows instant deployment of shelters on any piece of land. Their shelters are designed for flexibility and customization, featuring dimmable LED track lighting, bedside USB charge stations, and more.


Founded by Danaus Chang and Shri Ganeshram, Awning is a technology platform and brokerage committed to making real estate investment simple and accessible for everyone, with a specific focus on single-family rental properties.

Avenue 8

Co-founded by Justin Fichelson and Michael Martin, Avenue 8 is a digital and mobile-first residential real estate brokerage. It empowers its agents to be more entrepreneurial, closing deals from anywhere and helps them retain more income.


Brought to life by Alex Perelman and Nathan Shinder, Playhouse is a mobile app that lets users browse video listings of property for sale, providing a clear insight into the real estate landscape.

Terrain Analytics

Founded by Mark Jacobson and Riley Kinser, Terrain Analytics uses data analytics to enable companies to hire the best talent irrespective of their geographical location, completely reinventing traditional HR methods.


Josh Lamerton and Stefan Gunnarsson founded PropTexx. It is a global real estate technology company specializing in AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning solutions that enhance the quality and representation of online property listings.

Started by Kunal Chaudhary and Mark Murphy, Banner provides an operating system that helps commercial real estate owners deliver projects on time and on budget, moving all communications, workflows, and file-sharing into one system.

Smart Capital Center

Founded by Laura Krashakova, Smart Capital Center provides real-time property valuations and finds the best loans for commercial real estate investors, helping to optimize their investments.


Founded by Alex Pelin, Xspaced is a fintech startup that helps landlords and tenants pay rent on a flexible schedule, and even create installment plans for missed rent and security deposits.

Paired Homes Marketplace

The Paired Homes Marketplace is a real estate marketplace platform that ensures seamless interaction between property owners, buyers, tenants, and landlords. They offer services via email, mobile, and online applications.

With the advent of these new startups, the future of real estate in San Francisco appears remarkably vibrant and technology-driven. The tech-extension to the Real Estate industry is set to proliferate further, making property investment, renting, buying, and selling effortless and accessible to all.

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