Spotlight on Scottsdale: Pioneering Software Startups Shaping US Tech Landscape

January 27, 2024

The city of Scottsdale, Arizona is quickly becoming a hotbed for innovation, particularly in the technology sector: more specifically, in Software. Even amidst a global pandemic, the city has seen a remarkable surge of startups established in 2020 operating in this domain. A common thread amongst them is a commitment to leveraging technology to offer both unique and efficient solutions to prevailing industry challenges. Here, we feature eleven of such startups that are making strides and shaping the future of software in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Each of these enterprises were born in the wake of a new digital decade, challenging the norms and redefining what’s possible in the world of software. From healthcare to digital marketing, water tech to predictive analytics, and AI to parking solutions, these startups serve diverse industries, proving the versatility and wide-ranging application of software technologies. With unique business models and cutting-edge solutions, they have not only managed to quickly establish themselves, but also contribute significantly to Scottsdale’s reputation as a burgeoning tech hub in the US.

An exploration of these startups offers a glimpse into the innovation currently in progress in Scottsdale’s software industry. Technology is the common language, but each tells a unique story, representative of the broad spectrum of opportunities that software, as a medium, offers entrepreneurial minds with an idea and the tenacity to follow it through. In no particular order, here are the eleven startups we have chosen to spotlight:

Notation Labs

Operating at the intersection of the software, information technology and water industries,
Notation Labs
designs, engineers, and manufactures solutions for smart water technology.


dotScribe is a cloud-based, EHR-independent medical productivity SaaS startup designed to save time and simplify the practice of medicine by providing information, templates, and diagnostic tools. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

OCX Cognition

OCX Cognition offers a SaaS predictive customer interaction analytics system featuring net promoter score, NPS analytics, predictive NPS, and customer experience. Visit them on LinkedIn.

Xmetryx, Inc.

Xmetryx has developed TrustMetryx™, a Team Experience Management software that measures and tracks the strength of relationships between teammates and between teams. Follow them on LinkedIn.


A startup innovating in Digital Marketing, Retail, and Software, Quantum5 provides training, learning, sales skills, and leadership skills and offer cloud-based customer experience analytics and communications solutions. Visit them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dark Matter InsurTech

Dark Matter InsurTech is an E&S data exchange platform offering ingestion data integration and enrichment. Explore more on LinkedIn.


MedtechIntel is a startup operating in the realm of Information Technology, Real Time, and Software. You can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Zark Parking Solutions

Zark Parking Solutions allows users to lease available covered parking spaces temporarily. Stay updated on Facebook and LinkedIn.


An AI company, CLEVR AI, provides automated data intelligence for e-commerce, providing actionable insights for businesses.


KickPost funnels all your partner’s key contacts, pricing, and promotions into one place. You can learn more about them on LinkedIn.

Delivery Chain

Delivery Chain is another Scottsdale based software startup. Stay updated on their journey by following them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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