Spotlighting LA’s Innovative Advertising Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 29, 2024

The vibrant city of Los Angeles, California is a hotbed for startups, many of which have been founded recently. A significant proportion of these startups operate in the aggressive but rewarding advertising industry. In today’s digital age, the increased use of technology has shifted the advertising landscape with innovative strategies, making it more critical than ever for startups to stay ahead of the curve. This article highlights some of the most game-changing startups, all of whom began operations in 2020, and have since made a significant impact within the advertising industry through their innovative offerings and unique value proposition.

These startups have demonstrated their potential by distinguishing themselves in the fierce competition of the advertising industry. They exhibit a great deal of innovation in their operations and offer unique services that set them apart from other companies. Operating out of Los Angeles, these startups are reshaping the industry landscape and creating opportunities for other businesses to grow and thrive. They offer a wide range of services – from digital marketing to social media marketing, from SEO to brand marketing.

All of these startups have shown tremendous growth in a short period, demonstrating their potential to be leaders within their respective fields. Whether you’re looking to start a venture in the advertising industry or you’re interested in partnering with an emerging firm, these startups have a lot to offer. This list of 2020 LA startups in the advertising industry is certain to inspire and motivate.


Glewee is an application-based platform co-founded by Christian Brown and Dylan Duke. This platform integrates influencer search, relationship management, collaboration tools, campaign planning, launch, and reporting in order to assist brands in their marketing strategies. Furthermore, Glewee makes use of digital marketing methods, along with servicing the social media marketing industry. Connect with Glewee on LinkedIn.

Unruly Agency

The Unruly Agency operates in the advertising and digital marketing sectors, providing professional services and strategies for effective social media marketing. To broaden your understanding of their operation further, follow the Unruly Agency on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Social Snowball

Based in Los Angeles, Social Snowball is pioneering in the advertising industry with a focus on affiliate marketing in the domains of e-commerce and marketing. To keep abreast of their work and success, follow Social Snowball on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

RealEyes Digital

RealEyes Digital was founded by Frank Lee and Keith Wilson and is an advertising startup with a strong focus on digital marketing. The firm’s services have been designed to help clients meet their marketing goals and objectives. Connect with RealEyes Digital via their Facebook page or on LinkedIn for further information.

Just Slide Media

Just Slide Media, a startup co-founded by Steven Sesar, focuses on advertising and business development. The company believes in spending less time on creating “pretty” apps and more time on launching responsive apps that drive revenue. Learn more about their work and industry influence on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Candice Dietz and Connie Derry, GIVESPACE services include SaaS and software solutions incorporated within the advertising industry. To learn more, follow GIVESPACE on LinkedIn.


Glossi enables businesses to design like professionals. Offering advertising and brand marketing solutions, they also work in content creation and marketing. They are renowned for creating impactful graphics without conventional production methods. Stay updated with Glossi on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

UrsaStar Media

UrsaStar Media is an advertising enterprise specializing in SEO and social media marketing. Their comprehensive services are aimed at creating user-friendly, innovative websites to ensure optimum traffic and performance. Stay connected with UrsaStar Media on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Baby Lion Media

Baby Lion Media, co-founded by Jerry Digby and Ramon Nuñez, provides advertising services with an emphasis on digital marketing, film production, and graphic design. Connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more.


Alpen&Glo is an advertising startup that provides services in marketing, brand strategy, social media, digital marketing, and more. Their grasp on the advertising industry spans a wide range of marketing dynamics. Keep up to date with their work on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Arthur Chan founded FCA, a startup that specialises in advertising. FCA offers its services in digital marketing, with a grand vision of creating advertising campaigns for studios and innovative businesses. Stay updated with their work on Twitter or LinkedIn.

With their innovative offerings, these startups are making a bold statement in the advertising industry. While they continue to revolutionize and adapt, these Los Angeles-based advertising startups represent opportunities for growth, collaboration, and success in this digitally evolving era.

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