Tennessee’s Digital Titans: The Top 15 Internet Startups to Watch

October 3, 2023

1. Parler: Free Speech’s Modern Haven

  • Parler
  • Description: Parler stands out as a viewpoint-neutral social media platform where users are free to speak, listen, and present their ideas without constraints.

2. Dehidden: NFTs Simplified

  • Dehidden
  • Description: With Dehidden, launching NFT experiences is a breeze, offering a visually enticing no-code canvas for its users.

3. Teaming: Team Building Redefined

  • Teaming
  • Description: For those seeking effective team creation, Teaming offers an ingenious software solution that does just that.

4. Xpress Technologies: Connecting the Freight World

  • Xpress Technologies
  • Description: A frontrunner in freight-matching technology, they ensure seamless connections between shippers, brokers, and carriers.

5. WrightCore: Next-Gen Data Center Solutions

  • WrightCore
  • Description: Covering everything from virtualization to storage, WrightCore ensures businesses remain connected and efficient.

6. SubPop Health: Revolutionizing Employer Healthcare Purchasing

  • SubPop Health
  • Description: As the premiere group purchasing organization for healthcare services, SubPop is leading the charge in changing how employers buy health services.

7. MyScore.com: Your Financial Profile at a Glance

  • MyScore.com
  • Description: Monitoring and accessing one’s financial profile has never been easier, thanks to the tools provided by MyScore.

8. Tinblu: Real Estate CRM at its Best

  • Tinblu
  • Description: Tailored for real estate professionals, Tinblu’s SaaS-driven CRM helps manage and receive leads seamlessly.

9. OTR Mobile: Stay Connected on the Go

  • OTR Mobile
  • Description: Whether you’re traveling, trucking, or just on the move, OTR Mobile ensures you’re always connected with their portable Wi-Fi solutions.

10. Subscriptions: Streamlining Subscription Management

  • Subscriptions
  • Description: As a comprehensive and scalable subscription billing management software, Subscriptions is making waves in the market.

11. Everett Advisors: From Startups to Success Stories

  • Everett Advisors
  • Description: This company’s simple motto says it all: “We build, grow, and exit companies.”

12. Inigo Digital: Empowering Content Creators

  • Inigo Digital
  • Description: Serving as a platform for online magazines and content creators, Inigo Digital is all about boosting digital voices.

13. Vontavius Tech Support: Comprehensive Digital Solutions

  • Vontavius Tech Support
  • Description: From IT services to digital marketing, Vontavius Tech Support is the one-stop shop for all your digital needs.

14. Kowala: Pioneering Stable Cryptocurrency

  • Kowala
  • Description: Introducing kUSD, the world’s first autonomously stabilized cryptocurrency, Kowala is making a mark in the crypto world.

15. Patti Podnar: Crafting Exceptional Content

  • Patti Podnar
  • Description: As the owner and content strategist at Podnar Consulting, LLC, Patti Podnar is a name synonymous with top-tier content.

From redefining team building to pioneering stable cryptocurrencies, Tennessee is undeniably a hotspot for groundbreaking internet startups. These 15 companies are just a glimpse of the innovation brewing in the Volunteer State.

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