The Best Startups In Richmond Virginia

May 3, 2022
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For years, Richmond, Virginia, has long topped lists of the best cities for startups. The city has low unemployment, and the community supports local business growth. There’s also Startup Virginia, a nonprofit that helps startup companies find long-term success. According to a ranking by Business Magazine Inc., Richmond is among the 50 best cities in the nation to start a company.

That’s still proving true in 2022, as there are plenty of startups generating lots of hype. Richmond’s startups hold a lot of promise, from innovating in the healthcare field to helping hunters find private land. Read on to discover what five of these companies are up to in 2022.

Envera Health

The team at Envera came up with many ways to streamline and improve the patient care process. These methods include an advanced call center that maximizes operational efficiency. It’s a ‘front door’ to healthcare practices and a way to deal with a high volume of calls. Envera’s team will aid in scheduling pharmacy refills, lab results, and general calls. Their Patient Activation Campaigns perform outreach to patients. It will remind them to come in for check-ups, reach a broader population, and more. It allows nursing and reception staff to free up more of their time.


Ali Safavi’s Grenova saved the day in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. This startup specializes in sterilizing pipette tips lab use when performing critical testing. The company doubled its size in 2019, which proved to be perfect timing. Once the pandemic hit, single-use tips for COVID-19 testing were in high demand. The local healthcare systems would have run out entirely if it wasn’t for Grenova’s ability to wash and re-use the pipette tips. The company continues to grow and expand its influence and made it onto Richmond’s 2020 Inno on Fire list for its help with the pandemic.

Outdoor Access

Outdoor Access Inc.  is an innovative type of startup with a unique service. Their web-based platform matches outdoor enthusiasts seeking land with landowners. It’s a win-win for both parties – as the hunters get the land they need – and the landowners have a quick and easy way to monetize their land. To increase the chances of a sale, landowners should seek professional lawn maintenance in Richmond to make a great first impression. Properties that are well-maintained sell quicker and easier than land with overgrown weeds. Also, there’s no need to buy additional insurance or involve administrative parties. Instead, both parties simply need to use Outdoor Access’s user-friendly interface. The platform also matches supply with demand, and both sides can agree on the stipulations of the sale.


The team at Fringe has created a fantastic lifestyle benefits marketplace. It works like this – companies use the lifestyle benefits services for their employees. Each employee can choose benefits that are personalized for their needs. For example, an employee that just had a child can receive baby food delivered to their door. Or an employee in credit card debt can obtain debt relief services. Fringe is redefining what it means to receive benefits at a workplace, and it’s exciting to see.


Babylon has created an indoor micro-farm for those interested in farming but with no space. Users can grow and harvest fruits and vegetables without needing a yard or any outdoor space. It’s a self-contained farming system that is effortless to use, even for those without any experience. The micro-farm resembles a large refrigerator and can go anywhere in the home. You can grow any type of vegetation you like, and it’s simple to maintain.

These five companies are great examples of the innovation and creative spirit found in Richmond. Due to its forward-thinking community and support for startups, Richmond continues to churn out extraordinary new ideas. Besides these excellent companies, we’re bound to see new exciting startups out of the city in the future.

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