The Building Blocks of Bronx: A Deep Dive into Top General Contractors

July 15, 2023

GR Construction Inc – “A Roof Above the Rest”

With 20 years of field experience, GR Construction is a versatile licensed general contractor that covers NYC’s 5 boroughs, New Jersey, Westchester County, and Yonkers. They specialize in roofing, asphalt, masonry, concrete, and renovations, providing expert solutions in a variety of roofing systems and brick pointing.

Colgate Rentals – “Building Your Vision with Our Equipment”

For construction professionals seeking reliable equipment rentals, Colgate Rentals provides exceptional service in the Bronx, NY. They offer a comprehensive range of construction and building equipment suitable for any project.

S & C Construction Service, Inc. – “Your Residential Contractor Solution”

With no website required to leave their mark, S & C Construction is a go-to residential contractor offering licensed plumbing and electrical services throughout the Bronx. Their dedication to quality is apparent in every project.

Pioneer Builders Group LLC – “Pioneers of Real Estate Development and Construction”

Melding real estate development with construction expertise, Pioneer Builders Group LLC shines as a one-stop solution for comprehensive property enhancement and development.

Luz Electric & Control Systems Inc. – “Shedding Light on All Your Electrical Needs”

This company is a trusted resource for homeowners and businesses throughout Bronx, NY, with over 40 years of experience in electrical projects ranging from data wiring to lighting. Despite the lack of a website, their reputation for unmatched service stands firm.

K O Construction Corp – “Building Tomorrow Today”

Although short on a company description, K O Construction Corp’s reputation as a reliable construction company and contractor is well recognized across the Bronx.

Apco Group Inc – “Structuring the Future”

Similar to K O Construction Corp, Apco Group Inc carries a strong reputation as a competent construction company and contractor, with its focus on delivering quality projects.

Paragon Construction & Management Inc. – “Safely Constructing Excellence”

This company is not just another construction business – it also provides crucial OSHA and DOB NY safety training. The company’s commitment to thorough project planning and high-quality projects sets them apart in the industry.

H Mckenzie inc. – “Crafting Your Dream Home”

Offering a range of home improvement services, H Mckenzie INC is a general contractor prepared to handle any job from roof repair to kitchen remodeling. Their comprehensive approach ensures your home or apartment building is always at its best.

Pamo Woodworking & Contracting – “Built to Perfection”

Pamo Woodworking & Contracting is dedicated to providing quality services at an affordable price. Whether you require flooring, drywall, electrical, or plumbing services, their highly trained professionals ensure customer satisfaction.

Cruz Painting Services Inc. NYC – “Coloring Your World”

Providing painting services for residential and commercial properties, Cruz Painting Services Inc. guarantees quality work across Manhattan, Bronx, and Albany, NY. Despite no website, they’re a call away for any level of finishing.

Fort-Cica Roofing & General Contractors Inc – “Building Trust and Quality”

Focused on new construction, rehabilitations, and repairs, Fort-Cica believes exceptional service fosters long-lasting relationships. Their commitment to quality, reliability, and respect makes them a trusted partner in any construction endeavor.

Perfecto Construction Corp. – “Where Quality Meets Construction”

Even without a company description, Perfecto Construction Corp is renowned as a quality provider of general contracting services.

Allstate Restoration Corp – “Restoring and More”

While the company’s description may be absent, Allstate Restoration Corp’s reputation as a versatile contractor stands tall, offering services in masonry, roofing, and general contracting.

Chael Construction Incorporated – “Creating Your Vision, One Brick at a Time”

Chael Construction is a locally owned and operated contractor providing extensive services from renovations to concrete foundation work. Their commitment to quality and customer service makes them a leading player in the Bronx construction scene.

The Bronx is home to an array of general contractors who are reshaping the local landscape. Each company brings its unique skillset and expertise to bear, ensuring the borough’s future as a hub for construction and development.

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