The Childcare Cornerstones of Coral Gables: Top Day Care Centers to Explore

September 8, 2023

Riviera Schools | Day School Campus

Empowering Young Minds Since 1950


A beacon of excellence in the Coral Gables community, Riviera Schools boasts two independent campuses, with Riviera Day School Campus serving grades PK2-5. Rocket the Bulldog, the beloved mascot, represents the 850 students that make up the school’s vibrant community. Established in 1950, Riviera is a mixed-sex education institution that offers a diverse range of programs.

ICS Coral Gables | Daycare & Private Preschool

Where Passionate Teaching Meets Enriched Learning


ICS Coral Gables, a sanctuary for little learners aged 3 months to kindergarten, fosters an environment of growth and discovery. With their specialized programs, children not only learn but cultivate a love for learning that extends beyond their preschool years.

Golden Apple Learning Academy

Your Child’s First Step to Success

Although the description is not provided, Golden Apple is a trusted name in childcare services, day care, and preschool education.

Bright Day Preschool

Where Every Day is a Bright Day for Learning


Bright Day Preschool stands out as a reliable day care center in Coral Gables, dedicated to the holistic development of children.


Nurturing Future Leaders


ChildEducare, even without a description, resonates with parents as a trusted space for comprehensive child care services.

Ebenezer Day Care Center

Where Care Meets Community


Ebenezer offers a diverse array of services, from preschool education to community and social care, ensuring children get a balanced and wholesome upbringing.

Bright Horizons at UM Canterbury Preschool

Building Bright Futures Every Day


Beyond the traditional role of a day care, Bright Horizons provides a world-class curriculum and top-notch child development experts, creating the perfect environment for children to flourish.

KLA Schools of Coral Gables

Fostering Tomorrow’s Citizens Today


With a clear focus on nurturing the creative, social, and emotional facets of a child’s personality, KLA Schools are a pillar in preschool education in Coral Gables.

Snow White Day Care Ctr II

Every Child is a Fairytale Awaiting its Happily Ever After

Though the description is not provided, Snow White Day Care is a name parents trust for day care and social services.

Kerubes Korner Prek & Kid Kare

Because Every Child Deserves the Best Start

Dedicated to offering top-tier child care services and preschool education, Kerubes Korner ensures every child gets the care and attention they deserve.

Honduras Foundation Of U.S.A

Connecting Communities, Building Bridges


The Honduras Foundation offers a plethora of community and social services, ensuring the well-being and growth of every child under their care.

Sugar N Spice

Spicing Up After School Hours

Sugar N Spice offers after school programs that are engaging and cater to the overall development of children.

Coral Gables Preschool

The Foundation Stone for Lifelong Learning


With their comprehensive child care services, Coral Gables Preschool is a name parents have come to trust.

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Coral Gables – University

Empowerment Through Self-Learning


A part of the world-renowned Kumon network, the Coral Gables – University center is a haven for children to hone their math and reading skills and become independent learners.

Banyan Day School

Where Every Day is a Learning Adventure


From preschool to kindergarten, Banyan Day School provides an enriched environment for children to explore, learn, and grow.

With a plethora of options available, parents in Coral Gables can rest assured that their children are in safe, nurturing, and educational environments that will pave the way for a bright future.

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