The Hidden Gems of Corinth: A Journey Through Its Flourishing Farms

July 19, 2023

Rocky Ridge Farm

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Delve into the rustic beauty of Rocky Ridge Farm, a cornerstone of Corinth’s agricultural scene.

JCB Horse Sales, LLC

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JCB Horse Sales offers an experience like no other, adding a unique equestrian charm to Corinth’s vast farming landscape.

For His Glory Farm

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This faith-driven farm resonates deeply with its name, serving as a testament to Corinth’s spiritual and agricultural interconnection.

Thomas Farms

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Known for its tradition and dedication, Thomas Farms remains a beacon of authenticity in the farming world.

RJ Hall’s Family Farm (Formerly Tate’s)

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From Tate’s legacy to the Hall’s commitment, experience a multi-generational saga of farming excellence.

The Lion’s Farm, LLC

Explore The Lion’s Farm
With a name that roars, this farm stands out, showcasing the might and resilience of Corinth’s farming community.

Adam’s Strawberry Acres

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Relish the sweetness of Corinth with every strawberry from Adam’s farm, celebrating the region’s luscious bounty.

Sweet Ridge Farm

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A dairy delight, Sweet Ridge Farm churns passion and dedication into every product.

Trask Outdoor Power Equipment

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Beyond traditional farming, Trask dominates the machinery sector, ensuring Corinth’s farmers always have the best tools at hand.

Westwind Farm

Discover Westwind Farm
Ride with the wind at Westwind Farm, a testament to Corinth’s dynamic agricultural heritage.

Crane Brothers Farms

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Blending modern techniques with traditional values, Crane Brothers Farms embodies the essence of Corinthian agriculture.

Sullivans Orchard

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Bask in nature’s brilliance at Sullivans Orchard, a space where every tree tells a story.

Heartstone Farm

Dive into the world of Heartstone
Experience farming with heart and soul, ensuring every produce resonates with Corinth’s spirit.

Our Pass Thyme

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Time stands still at Our Pass Thyme, as they continue to champion Corinth’s timeless agricultural heritage.

Stonyvale Farms

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Balancing diverse roles, from ranching to producing, Stonyvale Farms stands as a pillar of multifunctional farming.

Corinth’s farmlands not only contribute immensely to Maine’s economy but also weave the fabric of its community. Each farm has a story waiting to be discovered. So, why wait? Embark on this agricultural adventure today!

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