The Landscape of Family Practice Physicians in Brigham City, UT: A Comprehensive Guide

Exploring the Diverse Offerings of Family Care Options in the Heart of Utah

Family practice physicians serve as the cornerstone of community health, providing a broad range of services from pediatric care to geriatric management. Brigham City, Utah, is home to a variety of medical practices that offer top-notch family healthcare services. This article dives into some of the most noteworthy family practice physician companies in Brigham City.

Dr. Jeffrey Lish, MD

Categories: Family Practice Physician

Dr. Jeffrey Lish is affiliated with Intermountain Healthcare, which is a reputable network known for quality care. Dr. Lish focuses on providing comprehensive family care, ensuring the well-being of all family members, regardless of age.

Medical Arts Center Clinic of Brigham City

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The Medical Arts Center Clinic offers an expansive list of services, making it a one-stop medical haven for families. From internal medicine to gynecology and family practice, the center delivers comprehensive care for all your health needs.

Dr. James Taylor, MD

Categories: Family Practice Physician

Though the website is geographically restricted, Dr. James Taylor is another established family practice physician in Brigham City. He offers a wide spectrum of services geared towards the overall well-being of the family.

Dr. Lance Barker, MD

Categories: Family Practice Physician

Also affiliated with Intermountain Healthcare, Dr. Lance Barker offers a holistic approach to family medicine, ensuring that each family member receives personalized and attentive care.

Mountain Top Medical

Categories: Doctor

Mountain Top Medical stands out for its patient-centric approach. While specifics about their family practice services are limited, the practice as a whole is committed to delivering exceptional care.

Box Elder Community Health Center

Categories: Medical Center, Family Doctor, Medical Clinic

This community health center provides a wide array of medical services, including family medicine, making it a go-to location for comprehensive care within the community.

Klein Sports & Family Chiropractic

Categories: Various

Apart from chiropractic services, Klein Sports & Family Chiropractic also offers family medicine practice as one of its multiple service categories, providing a complementary approach to family healthcare.

Hyrum Medical Clinic

Categories: Family Medicine Practice, Medical Clinic

Specializing in family medicine, the Hyrum Medical Clinic offers a range of healthcare services to suit the diverse needs of families in Brigham City and surrounding areas.

Miller Medical

Categories: Family Practice Physician

Dr. Todd Miller, who runs Miller Medical, is not only a seasoned physician but also a former Mayor and active community leader. He has a broad range of expertise and has served in various leadership roles at local hospitals.

Gardner Ricky L MD, Miller Todd MD, Chad L Merrell MD, Brett A. Nance, DO

Categories: Family Practice Physician

These physicians are all part of Intermountain Healthcare, and they uphold the network’s reputation for high-quality family healthcare services.

Bear River Medical Arts Pc

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  • Website: N/A

This clinic offers a variety of services, ranging from family medicine to pediatrics and even sports medicine. Bear River Medical Arts Pc serves as a multi-specialty hub for family healthcare.

Douglas C. Walker, DO, PC

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Douglas C. Walker runs a multi-service clinic that includes family practice among its offerings. The clinic also provides specialized services like hair removal and medical spa treatments.

Whether you’re new to Brigham City or a longtime resident, this list serves as a handy guide to the plethora of family practice physician companies that can cater to your family’s healthcare needs. With such a wide range of offerings, you’re sure to find a practice that fits your family’s unique requirements.

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