The Most Impactful Swag Hat Styles To Elevate Your Brand

May 7, 2024
The Most Impactful Swag Hat Styles To Elevate Your Brand

Not many things can deliver an impact like branded swag when it comes to promotions. And among those swag, few items are as impactful as the hat. Throughout history, hats have been more than just headwear. They’ve been a symbol of status, a badge of profession, and a reflection of personal style in a variety of shapes. People just love having a few dozen hats in their wardrobe to accessorize for the vibe.

All these could be reasons why the right headwear, be it trucker hats or bucket hats, can easily get your brand the recognition it deserves while rewarding its loyal customers. However, there is still the challenge of figuring out which hat can make the biggest impact as there are so many styles available. 

Unless you think branded swag doesn’t work anymore. 

It does.

According to ASI Central, 85% of customers remember the brand that gave them a hat.

…and you get a lot of benefits along with it

Branding today isn’t just about visible logos on products anymore, no matter how big or small the business is. People care about brands that ‘give them stuff’ and ‘the kind of stuff they get’ from a brand. This ‘stuff’ is what we call branded swag. These swag or promotional items are how brands can build a connection with their customers and prospects.

Presenting the right kind of swag to the right audience will:

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Generate conversations on your brand
  • Enhance relationships with customers
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Cultivate a great brand reputation

You can even show appreciation to your partners and employees with branded swag. It’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this ‘stuff’.

If you’re new to promotional marketing, you may want to check these tips out. They really help.

Coming back to hats as a branded swag, if you find it hard to figure out which headwear style will work, this blog can help. 

Dive into… 

The Most Impactful Styles for Branded Swag Hats

Let’s pick the one that will give your promotions the momentum they need.

You know, customized hats are a thing right? They easily fall on the list of top 10 retail merchandise and swag giveaways. But some styles remain all-time favorites, appealing to pretty much every kind of audience. 

1. Panel Trucker Caps

There is a growing demand for blank 5 panel hats. Among them, 5 panel trucker hats are probably the most popular promotional headwear. The popularity of trucker hats skyrocketed in the early 2000s when actor Ashton Kutcher wore trucker hats in public. And the love for these hats still remains. With a seamless front panel, these hats can easily accommodate cool designs and logos. With their inherent stylish appeal, anyone who gets their hands on one from an advertiser would appreciate it. You can choose flat visor hats to sway younger audiences to favor your brand or go for pre-curved visor hats to appeal to the older ones. They all do love trucker hats.

2. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are generally viewed as more functional. These hats protect the head, face, and neck, and can be customized in a lot of creative ways. While bucket hats are mostly popular as an accessory for hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities, they are slowly making their way into mainstream fashion. Branded bucket hats can be seen as something unique by recipients.

3. Dad Hats

Who doesn’t love a little retro in their life. Unlike regular baseball caps, dad hats don’t come with a front lining. And they generally have a vintage appeal, bringing back memories of the days when dads wearing these hats were cheering their kids on at games. They are affordable and customizable. So if your audience is mostly middle-aged men, this is the kind of swag they will love to get.

4. Corduroy Caps

The fabric of the swag hats can take that swag up a notch. Unexpected or unique fabrics like the corduroy also sends a message that your brand desires to give something of true value to its customers and prospects. Getting blank corduroy hats and having them professionally customized is a lot easier today. This isn’t a specific style of hat as it pertains to the fabric. But you get the idea. Sometime’s the style is in the fabric itself.

To keep your investments minimum, it’s best to go for wholesale hats and bulk customizations. So, there you have it! With these hat styles, your next promotion or giveaway is sure to hit the sweet spot. Make it count with some creative customization of your own.

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