Top Dallas-Based Advertising Startups Revolutionizing the American Industry

January 26, 2024

Dallas, Texas is not just a city known for its rich history, fine dining, and vibrant culture; it’s also a thriving tech hub. The city’s startup ecosystem is growing at an incredible pace, with sectors ranging from finance to healthcare tapping into the innovative spirit of the city. One sector that has particularly seen remarkable growth is the advertising industry. Dallas is now home to some of the most exciting new startups in advertising. These startups are not only pushing the boundaries of creativity but also leveraging technology to redefine the face of advertising. Looking at startups incepted in 2020 and beyond, let’s explore some of these game-changing players in the Advertising industry.

Despite the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, these startups have shown resilience, creativity, and a sharp focus on client needs. Armed with technological advances like big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, they are revolutionizing the advertising industry. More than merely following current trends, these startups are setting the course for the future of the industry, shedding light on what next-generation advertising will look like.

So, who are these trailblazers that are setting the pace for the modern advertising industry? Here is a list of exciting new startups headquartered in Dallas, Texas and their contributions to the fast-evolving landscape of Advertising.


Outcraft focuses on creating multidisciplinary digital products. They uniquely combine branding, UI/UX design, mobile and web development, and are keen on building value from ideation to launch. Founded by Salman Saleem and Usman Qureshi, Outcraft is passionate about creating exceptional digital experiences for their clients and customers.


SellerMetrics makes a significant mark in the intersection of advertising, IT, and software. With their innovative platform and solutions, they help sellers make data-informed decisions to enhance their sales performance on Amazon.

Total Advertise

Total Advertise is a startup dedicated to helping businesses scale to the next level through their digital marketing expertise. Passionate about creating success, this heads up team is backed by years of digital marketing experience.

Elevate Demand

With a focus on advertising, B2B, marketing, and SaaS, Elevate Demand is an emerging name in the Dallas advertising scene. With their attention firmly on the B2B market, they’re revolutionizing how businesses connect with their potential customers.

Hope Leigh Marketing

Hope Leigh Marketing offers a comprehensive range of services from job posting and ad placement to SEO, SEM, and programmatic. They focus on creating a strong online presence for their clients and optimizing their online recruitment strategies.

Mindstream Media Group

Founded by Todd Juneau, Mindstream Media Group is a powerhouse in the advertising and digital marketing scene. They leverage SEO techniques to enhance their clients’ online presence and visibility.

Ad Giants

Ad Giants is another noteworthy name in the Dallas startup scene. They bring together advertising, marketing, and software to offer unique and innovative solutions to their clients’ needs.


Founded by Pat A. Quiroz, Intmetric excels in providing advertising, digital marketing, and SEO services. They work to improve their clients’ online visibility and generate more traffic to their sites.

41:10 Media

41:10 Media provides consulting services in addition to their expertise in advertising and SEO. They also offer social media management, helping clients grow their digital presence across various platforms.

Discreets Encounters

Discreets Encounters pioneered an alternative to the now-defunct Craigslist personal section. They offer a platform for casual encounters, focusing on privacy and security for their members. They make finding the right match a simple and hassle-free experience.

The Hustle Marketing and Design

The Hustle Marketing and Design combines advertising, marketing, graphics design, and SEO services. They pay close attention to the needs of their clients, delivering results-oriented solutions.

In conclusion, Dallas, with its thriving startup scene, is home to some impressive advertising startups that are poised to shape the future of the industry. Driven by innovative solutions, these startups are not just surviving but thriving amidst the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Without a doubt, these Dallas-based companies are geared up to redefine the advertising industry.

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