Top Dallas Medical Startups: Innovating US Healthcare Industry

January 27, 2024

The Medical Industry Evolves: Featuring Dallas’s Promising Startups

The medical industry is continuously evolving as technology revolutionizes the way healthcare is provided and managed. Startups are instrumental in this digital transformation, fostering innovative solutions to notorious health problems. Positioned at the intersection of healthcare and technology are a number of Dallas, Texas-based startups, making significant strides in the medical industry. This article seeks to highlight these new entrants, all of which were incepted in 2020 or later, and their respective contributions to health and technology.

Dallas, renowned for its medical centers and biotech industry, is home to promising startups that have leveraged advanced technologies, creative strategies, and targeted therapies to provide pioneering healthcare solutions. From Information Technology to Medical Devices, these startups address a wide range of health concerns and aim to improve patient outcomes through innovation.

As we explore these companies, it is evident that the medical industry in Dallas – and, by extension, the US – is in a state of rapid evolution, driven by contemporary startups. Here are some emerging stars in the Dallas medicine and tech scene that deserve recognition for their valuable contributions.


Medcognetics operates at the cross-section of Information Technology, Medical services, SaaS, and Software. This emerging industry player has been recognized for its technology-based healthcare solutions. It was founded by Tim Cogan, who has merged medical science with the realm of technology.

Sonara Health

Operating in the field of Apps, Health Care, and Medical, Sonara is a healthcare technology company that develops telehealth platforms with the mission to end the opioid epidemic. This Dallas-based company was founded in 2020 and focuses on providing platforms for the delivery of healthcare.

Surgical Automations

Founded by Jason Blackstone, Ritambhara Agrawal, and Sanket Chauhan, Surgical Automations is a notable player in the fields of Health Care, Medical Devices, and Robotics. This innovative business offers automation solutions to facilitate surgical processes and enhance patient outcomes.

Vitalyc Medspa

Under the leadership of Amir Mortazavi, Vitalyc Medspa specializes in Beauty, Health Care, and Medical services. The company focuses on enhancing the functional and aesthetic aspects of health through medical-grade treatments and therapies.

Tidal Medical Technologies

Tidal Medical Technologies, a Health Care and Medical Device company, has developed the InSee, a device designed to assist in treating respiratory conditions, thus improving clinical outcomes. The product encourages more frequent and consistent usage of the spirometer without the reliance on the presence of the healthcare provider.


Dedicated to Health Care, Medical, and Personal Health, Pathlyte offers products and services that provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for the Medicare Stars market, enabling quick decisions based on regularly delivered insights.

Allied Medical Billing

Allied Medical Billing provides medical coding services and a range of other healthcare services which include medical billing, revenue management cycle, account receivable services, behavioral health service, mental health service, speech therapy , and physical therapy services.

Pivotal Biologics

Pivotal Biologics is committed to converting cutting-edge research into products that can replenish the healing environment. By maintaining high standards of product development, communication, regulatory compliance, and safety, Pivotal Biologics is carving a niche for itself in the Manufacturing, Medical Device, and Product Research industries.

Keele Medical

Working in the Health Care and Medical industries, Keele Medical focuses on providing medical treatments and healthcare services to improve the well-being of everyone they serve.

Lone Star IV Medics

Lone Star IV Medics operates in the Health Care, Medical, and Therapeutic industries, providing home infusions to ease the burden and stress of hospital visits for patients requiring regular therapeutic infusions.

QRx Medical Management

QRx Medical Management offers consulting services in the Health Care, Medical and Office Administration industries, ensuring holistic healthcare management and enabling efficient, effective operations.

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