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Top Features To Look For In A Job Search Portal As A Business

Top Features To Look For In A Job Search Portal As A Business

A job search portal is a great way to look for employees and search for the best job. Most portals even allow both employers and employees to create profiles to get more exposure. The best part is that job search portals reduce physical work and are a great way to save money spent on advertisements to attract talented individuals. For employees, they are the best way to land a job internationally or even in another state.

The challenging part is that rapid digital advancements have resulted in the emergence of a substantial amount of job portals. It can get confusing to decide which one you should opt for and what features make a job search startup the best choice if you hope to hire new employees. Keep reading to learn about the essential features you must look for in a career portal.

Adaptable Recruitment Cycle

Each business or company has a unique work cycle. This can vary due to geographic factors, department type, company size, target industry, and job roles. Most businesses have a simple recruitment cycle for entry-level posts with just an assessment, interview, and phone screening.

For higher posts like managerial roles, the hiring process is much more complex and involves several stages. The applicant tracking system (ATS) should be able to mimic several workflows and even adapt to various recruitment cycles based on the type of organization that is using the job portal. A good job portal must have the features below:

  • Several means of sourcing talent
  • Candidate processing and screening
  • Management and monitoring tools
  • Easy development of job approval and requisition

Top-Tier Applicant Experience

Most individuals that are looking for a job are already quite frustrated. They do not wish to fill up long forms. It’s necessary to pick a portal that can automatically fill up most applicant information. Proper information structure is essential for later research and filtration by the HR department. Features necessary for this include:

Application Flow

Job applicants should be able to apply instantly by submitting their resumes with a single click. Other processes must not be a part of resume submission unless the applicant wishes to make changes.

Resume Creation

The portal should offer more than one way to submit a resume. This includes building a resume directly on the portal, importing from popular job sites, and direct uploading.

Job Search

A job search should be refined by allowing filters like location, job role, job description, and even keywords. This simplifies the application process, offers a greater talent pool, and prevents irrelevant resumes from wasting a recruiter’s time.

Focus On Company Branding

A company’s brand image must be maintained at all times, which is why you need to use a good job portal when posting adverts as a business. Most candidates are far-sighted and are likely to focus on the company’s image rather than the actual job role.

A great portal will not only allow your company’s work culture to shine through, but also offer insight into your vacancies and work ethics. An organization that comes across as employee-centered and focused on growth can attract top talent more easily. Branding features that must be part of a good job portal include:

  • A variety of templates
  • The portal profile should appear as a business site extension for added credibility
  • Should offer multilingual features to allow candidates from around the globe to experience a smooth recruitment process

Automate and Streamline HR Processes

A true ATS must be able to streamline HR processes and ease the work for HR managers. The system needs to have features like:

  • Applicant tracking with a quick overview of the number of applications at a particular stage
  • Ability to scan any stage and browse all potential candidates
  • Real-time feedback on candidate profiles to identify loopholes
  • Communication templates like application acceptance, offer, rejection, and interview invitation keep applicants hooked before the HR team makes the final decision
  • Feature to mass email candidates

Schedule Interviews Easily

A great platform should allow employers to schedule meetings and interview potential candidates with ease. This includes eliminating the hassle of scheduling the interview by enabling mutual consent. A good portal should also rule out the need for email coordination and manual setups. This feature not only helps HR managers save time but also automates reminders for both the recruiter and the job applicant.

Identify the Most Suitable Candidates

No matter how organized and well-placed a business advert is, it can get bombarded with several irrelevant resumes. A strong filtration system is key to focusing on the most suitable candidates and channeling them down the recruitment cycle. Handy features that ensure this include:

Tests and Questionnaires

Psychometric tests have become quite essential and popular lately. These tests ensure that only the most suitable candidates move forward, as a good score indicates an applicant has the necessary skills to excel in a particular job role.

A great job portal will not only allow you to offer tests but will also let you customize the questionnaires by offering interactive techniques. This allows the recruiter to assess each candidate’s personality before moving forward.


Automatic screening involves applicant filtration based on criteria set by a recruiter. Filtered candidates are stored in separate folders.

Resume Search

A recruiter must be able to look for resumes based on job role, industry, past job experience, and even company profile. Advanced features like keyword searches can prove useful for larger talent databases.


With an endless amount of job search portals in the market, it can get tricky to pick the most suitable one. The good news is that features we have listed above are a great way to narrow down to the best, especially if you are a recruiter. A great portal not only simplifies talent recruitment but also ensures an organization’s brand image is sustained and kept presentable.

Written by Marcus Richards

Photo by Expect Best from Pexels

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