Top Health Care Startups Thriving in Washington DC, USA

January 26, 2024

With a rich pool of talent and forward thinking entrepreneurs, Washington, District of Columbia, US has seen the inception of numerous healthcare startups since 2020. These startups, leveraging technology and innovation, aim to reshape the future of healthcare. Let’s take a closer look at these industry pioneers.

From dental health & wellness to medical device innovation, these startups present a diverse range of solutions targeting different areas in the healthcare industry. With their peduncle in Washington, DC, these companies are disrupting the market and providing innovative solutions within medicine, wellness, and patient care.

Whether it’s bringing new medical options to the market, improving healthcare services, or fighting diseases like COVID-19, these startups are ceaselessly working toward enhancing health outcomes. Let’s explore these exciting enterprises in detail:

Evenly Technologies, Inc.

Jointly founded by Barry Beck and Barry Beck, Evenly Technologies provides solutions in the areas of dental, health care, home health care, and wellness. Keep up with their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Current Surgical

Incepted by Al Mashal and Christopher Wagner in 2020, Current Surgical is a surgical device company that develops precise tools for the treatment of solid tumors. Stay connected to their progress through their LinkedIn page.


Here to address symptoms of maternal depression and anxiety, Canopie, funded by Ann Don Bosco, and Anne Wanlund, leverages digital platform. Updates on Canopie can be followed on LinkedIn.

Pyxis Partners

Offering healthcare services through policy, advocacy, and community engagement, check out Pyxis Partners on their LinkedIn profiles.


CONTRACE, created by Steve Waters, is a social enterprise working to help fight COVID-19 and connect Americans with jobs that are both needed and important to public health. Follow CONTRACE’s updates on LinkedIn.

Above All Medics

A brainchild of Hector Ortiz, Above All Medics remains a key player in the healthcare market. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

The Palisades House

Check out The Palisades House offering services in the field of fitness and wellness. Updates can be gleaned from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Maven Psychology Group

Escalating the standards of healthcare under the domain of consulting, medical, and psychology, check Maven Psychology Group, on LinkedIn.

Count My Health

Offering the programming necessary for individuals to create realistic lifestyle changes, learn more about Count My Health through their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.


Merging Artificial Intelligence with healthcare and Medical Device Software, AMRAID, founded by Jeffrey Dinh and Joseph Henry, is worth paying attention to.

Fasano Associates Inc

Last but not least, Fasano Associates Inc, combining consulting, financial services, and healthcare, is another addition to the list of startups changing the face of healthcare in Washington, DC.

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