Top Houston-Based Consulting Startups Elevating US Business Operations

January 29, 2024

In 2020 the United States saw a wave of new startups emerge, with an impressive number operating in the Consulting sector. Based primarily in Houston, Texas, these young companies are showing great potential, offering innovative services to various industries. In this series, we will be featuring a selection of these startups to shine a light on their exciting journey so far and the unique solutions they provide.

Houston, Texas has always been known for its thriving business climate, and it continues to attract a diverse range of companies. The City With No Limits offers unparalleled opportunities for business growth, and the new startups we’re going to introduce are making the most of it. The Consulting industry is vast, with functions ranging from strategy, operations, HR, IT, to finance, and more. All the companies listed below have unique offerings within their respective spheres.

The Consulting startups that have made it into our list are playing critical roles in their various sectors. Be it construction management, financial services, marketing, asset management, cyber-security, environmental engineering, project management, or Information Technology, these startups offer unique value propositions that set them apart. Let us introduce you to these notable startups.


DCCM is a construction, consultancy, and property management provider, conceived by James F. Thompson. They aim to design effective solutions for infrastructure marketplaces across public and private sectors. Find more about the company here.

Olympia North

Located in the heart of Houston, Olympia North is adding value to the Consulting, Financial Services, and Venture Capital sectors. You can find them on LinkedIn or their website.


i5 specializes in consulting, market research, and marketing. They provide professional advice in all aspects of sales and marketing and work with clients to execute and report on their specific projects. Check them out on LinkedIn or their website.

Wincoram Asset Management

Wincoram Asset Management is a startup in Asset Management, Consulting, and Financial Services in Houston. Visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, or website for more about the company.

Multi Technology

Multi Technology, a consulting company, provides backup, disaster recovery, and cloud services. They offer strategic consulting, server migration, and network management services. See more about them here or on their website.

Integrated Viral Protection

Integrated Viral Protection operates in the Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Market Research, and Wellness sectors. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or their website.


C-MACC is leading the way in the consulting sector by providing advisory and consulting services, with their unique blend of the chemical industry, fundamental analysis, field research, and analytics. Check out their Twitter, LinkedIn, or website for more info.

McElvy Partners

McElvy Partners is a Consulting firm specializing in Advertising, Consulting, Email Marketing, SEO, and Social Media. Discover more about them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or website.


Tecnoalfa, founded by Ignacio Muraira, provides enterprise systems, project management, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions. You can find them on their LinkedIn page or website.

Vista Project Management

Vista Project Management is a project management and engineering consulting company that helps businesses plan, run, and improve their projects. You can find them on LinkedIn or their website.


Kanexon, co-founded by Kailah Romine and Yogesh Kondaskar, is a consulting firm operating in the IT, Non-Profit, and Professional Services arenas. Check out their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or website to learn more.

These are just some of the exciting startups that have emerged in Houston in the wake of 2020, thriving amidst the challenges. With the blend of innovation, resilience, and the power of Houston’s vibrant business scene, we can only expect great things from these promising companies in the future.

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