Top US-Based New York Startups Revolutionizing the Banking Industry

January 26, 2024

Throughout 2020 and beyond, a wave of game-changing startups have cropped up within the U.S banking industry. These innovators are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within banking, redefining traditional models, and revolutionizing customer experiences. They are not just propelling the sector forward but also building more inclusive, efficient, and safe ecosystems. Based within the heart of business and finance, New York City, these startups are laying the groundwork for the future of banking. Here is a snapshot of some game changers in the industry born out of this rapid period of digital evolution.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and committing to customer-centric approaches, startups today are shaping the future of the banking industry. They embrace innovation, utilizing technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, financial analytics, and more to redefine financial services. The Silicon Alley, known for its vibrant startup culture and innovative spirit, is home to a number of these rising stars in the banking industry.

These startups are changing the game in 2021. They are harnessing new tools and technologies to help pave the way for better and more efficient ways of doing business. From Cybera’s cybersecurity measures to Baselane’s financial system for property owners, each of these companies are making a unique impact on the industry. Let’s dive in to explore these promising ventures.


Founded by Claudio Staub, Nicola Staub, and Sudip Biswas, the main mission of CYBERA is to close the gaps that allow cyber criminals to thrive. They do this by sharing real-time, actionable information and coordinating global legal responses to support victims of scams and online fraud. Their work spans across several sectors, including the banking, business intelligence, cryptocurrency, cyber security, and law enforcement sectors.

EF Hutton

Established in 1904 by Edward Francis Hutton and Franklyn Laws Hutton, EF Hutton Group operates as a diversified financial services holding company. It provides investment, recapitalization, and marketing for various American businesses. Their spectrum of services include banking, insurance, leasing, municipal funding, mortgages, real estate services, stocks, bonds, and venture capital markets.


Baselane is a banking platform for the real estate industry. Founded by Jad Yaghi, Mathias Korder, and Thorben Scheidegger, it allows independent landlords to effectively manage their properties and finances. The company’s end-to-end financial system is built from the ground up to save time, increase returns, and expand portfolios.

Osso Capital

Founded by Olivia John and Spencer Vegosen, Osso Capital uses a data-driven approach to refine investment strategy. They source, structure, finance, and execute transactions while working with local operators in the banking and financial services sectors.

Mountain Ridge Capital

Offering expertise in banking, finance, and financial services, Mountain Ridge Capital is a New York-based startup poised to make waves in the industry.

Equity Portal

Equity Portal aims to empower retail investors by giving them the ability to invest in private non-cyclical companies without spending millions. Their platform also opens up greater exposure for small businesses to a larger consumer base.

My Credit Card Club

My Credit Card Club is making strides in the US banking industry by specializing in credit and financial services.


Established by Joshua Law, Kelvin Law, and Matthew Yeung Bitprive is a global cryptocurrency OTC marketplace offering 180+ popular payment methods. It operates an Asia Desk in Hong Kong, serving global users with a focus on North America, Russia, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia regions.


Founded by Camellia George and Conner Mulvee in 2020, Koxa is an API platform that connects accounting software, aiming to revolutionize the banking industry.

Vector ML Analytics

Vector ML Analytics, helmed by Jade Clarke and Sadeq Safarini, provides financial forecasting platform for banks & lending institutions. They are aiding banks and financial enterprises in decision-making related to profitability analysis, capital planning, risk management, and regulatory compliance.


Creditfy provides business financing across the U.S. Supporting small businesses, the backbone of the U.S. economy, they offer a range of products from business term loans to equipment financing. Their aim is to help businesses succeed and grow as large as their ambitions.

Each of these startups are a testament to the transformative power of innovation. By reimagining what’s possible in banking, they are creating a more inclusive, efficient and safe financial world for all.

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