Treasure Hunting in Bridgton: The Vintage Stores Transforming Retro Chic

July 8, 2023

Scout Home Finds

A Curated Collection for the Home
Scout Home Finds specializes in home decor, vintage pieces, and unique home goods. The vintage store offers a hand-picked assortment of eclectic and fascinating items, allowing customers to add a touch of personality and uniqueness to their homes.

Bluebird Vintage, Antiques, Artisans, and Flea Market

A One-Stop Vintage Shop Experience
Bluebird Vintage, Antiques, Artisans, and Flea Market, though lacking a website, stands as a destination for lovers of all things vintage, antique, and artisanal. This unique marketplace is a haven for antique collectors, flea market enthusiasts, and local artisans.

Main Street Mercantile

Antique Haven of Downtown Bridgton
Main Street Mercantile offers a blend of vintage items, antiques, and collectibles. With a wide variety of unique pieces, Main Street Mercantile creates a sense of nostalgia and fascination for shoppers.

All The Raven Salon and Cottage Antiques

Where Style Meets Vintage
Browse through the unique collection of vintage and home decor items at All The Raven Salon and Cottage Antiques. This hybrid space merges the elegance of a salon with the charm of a vintage store.

Salvation Army Family Store

Shop Vintage, Make a Difference
The Salvation Army Family Store provides an opportunity to snag unique vintage items while contributing to a good cause. The store’s mission is to spread love through meeting people’s needs, and your purchases contribute to this cause.

Widdershins Antiques

Vintage Treasures for the Discerning Collector
Check out Widdershins Antiques for an amazing selection of vintage and antique items. This store is a treasure trove for both casual enthusiasts and avid collectors.

Cornish Vintage Faire

Your Facebook Go-To for Vintage Delights
The Cornish Vintage Faire specializes in vintage clothing, accessories, furniture, and decor. Its Facebook page provides a platform for showcasing gently used furniture and clothing, making it a virtual vintage paradise.

My Sister’s Garage

Eclectic Home Decor with a Vintage Spin
My Sister’s Garage combines home decor, antiques, and vintage finds, with a variety of furniture pieces. This charming store invites visitors to immerse themselves in an unforgettable shopping experience.

Artistic Flea

Unleashing Creativity with Vintage
Artistic Flea offers vintage items and furniture with an artistic twist. For those looking to add unique flair to their space, Artistic Flea promises a selection that is anything but ordinary.

Bridgton, ME, continues to expand its unique vintage scene, offering stores that cater to different tastes and preferences. From classic antiques to artisanal creations, the town has successfully preserved a sense of history, charm, and individuality through its vintage stores. Each store represents a unique facet of the community’s culture, showcasing the richness and diversity of Bridgton. So whether you are a vintage enthusiast, antique collector, or just a casual shopper, there’s always something unique waiting for you in the wonderful vintage stores of Bridgton.

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