Trucking Titans of Farmington, NY: A Journey Through Local Industry Leaders

Unearthing the backbone of Farmington’s thriving transportation and trucking industry.

Leonards Express

  • Website:
  • Categories: Trucking company, Transportation Services, Auto Transport, Truck Transport

Dive into a realm where transportation services, auto transport, and trucking coalesce to offer some of the best in the industry.

Home Run Inc

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  • Categories: Trucking, Trucking Companies, Trucking Heavy Hauling, Motor Freight Transportation

Hit the transportation target with precision with the team at Home Run Inc. They not only handle standard freight but specialize in heavy hauling, showing their versatility in the trucking domain.

Kaje Transport

  • Categories: Trucking company

When it’s about reliable trucking, Kaje Transport promises to steer the way!

a-American Self Storage

  • Website:
  • Categories: A plethora of storage solutions including Automobile Storage, Self-Storage Facilities, and more.

Seeking a secure space for your freight or personal items? This company offers diverse storage solutions to meet every need.

Integrated Logistics & Associates

A company that seamlessly integrates every aspect of logistics to present an unparalleled service platform.

Auto Outlets of Canandaigua

  • Website:
  • Description: A hub for used cars with an easy buying and selling process spread across three locations.
  • Categories: Ranging from Car Repair and Maintenance to Car Finance and Loan services.

MFC Aviation Services

  • Categories: Providing a spectrum of transportation services with an aviation edge.

Flying high in the transportation sector, this company showcases its prowess in the domain of aviation services.

Phoenix Mills Plaza

Blending commercial services with transportation, Phoenix Mills Plaza serves as a one-stop-shop for various needs.

Ultra Medical Transport, Inc

  • Website:
  • Description: Specializing in non-emergency medical transportation with participation from various care providers.

S F Trucking Inc

  • Website:
  • Categories: From cargo & freight company to motor freight transportation.

Offering a comprehensive range of services in the cargo and freight sector, this company stands out with its extensive expertise.

Elton Mirfak

Delving deep into the heart of trucking, Elton Mirfak shows its strength and resilience in the sector.

State Line Pilot Car & Permit Service, LLC

Guiding the way in the industry, they ensure that everything moves smoothly and efficiently.

Marvin Salinas

  • Categories: Trucking company

Focusing on the core essence of trucking, Marvin Salinas promises reliability and excellence in the field.

Klug Crane Service

  • Categories: A vast range of services, from heavy-duty trucking to rigging services.

With their broad spectrum of services, Klug Crane Service ensures that no task is too big or too complicated.

Bernard Klug Machine Co

  • Website:
  • Categories: Spanning from crane rental to machinery movers and erectors.

Empowering the industry with machines and service of the highest caliber, this company stands tall amidst its peers.

With this array of industry leaders, Farmington, NY, positions itself as a cornerstone in the transportation and trucking sector, driving innovation, reliability, and growth for the future.

Written by Mobb

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