Unveiling Farmington, NY: The Pioneers of the Auto Parts Industry

Discovering the Breadth and Diversity of the Automotive Sector’s Cornerstones

AutoZone Auto Parts


As a premier name in the industry, AutoZone Auto Parts distinguishes itself as a leading retailer of auto parts in Farmington, NY. With a range that spans from new and remanufactured hard parts to maintenance items and car accessories, AutoZone is an all-inclusive destination for all automotive needs. Their customer-centric approach and vast inventory set them apart in the auto parts store sector.

Autopart International – Farmington


A go-to source for auto body parts and car replacement parts, Autopart International is a notable presence in the auto parts industry. With a comprehensive array of auto parts and body components, they provide solutions for diverse automotive needs, helping to keep the vehicles of Farmington on the road.

Nu-Way Auto Parts Inc


Nu-Way Auto Parts is a dynamic automotive parts store that caters to a variety of categories, from durable goods and local businesses to motor vehicle supplies and car parts. Their multifaceted approach to the automotive sector makes them a crucial part of the auto parts landscape in Farmington.

Johnson Equipment Sales and Service Incorporated


A specialist in automotive repair, Johnson Equipment Sales and Service Incorporated is a versatile entity that also operates as a truck repair shop and accessory retailer. By combining the sale of auto accessories and the provision of auto repair services, they offer a complete suite of solutions for vehicle owners.

Advent Automotive


Advent Automotive encompasses a comprehensive range of auto services, from auto air conditioning service to wheel alignment and vehicle inspection. Their all-encompassing approach places them as a one-stop destination for auto repair and maintenance.

Maintenance Auto

Renowned for its automotive repair and maintenance services, Maintenance Auto delivers a blend of services aimed at keeping your vehicle in top shape. From brake service to tire dealerships, they offer a broad spectrum of automotive repair and maintenance services.

m C Automotive


With a focus on auto repair and maintenance, m C Automotive provides a suite of services including brake service, oil lube, and filter service. They stand as a key player in the automotive repair sector in Farmington.

Bauers Garage


Bauers Garage excels in the provision of a diverse array of services, from auto engine rebuilding to brake repair and automobile restoration. Their expertise in a broad range of auto-related fields sets them apart in the local industry.

Mclane Associates


Mclane Associates operates in the business services sector, offering fabricated metal products and automotive stamping. They demonstrate the interconnectedness of different sectors with the automotive industry.


INGLESIDE MACHINE stands as a specialist in engines and transmission, indicating the technical and specialized scope of the auto parts industry in Farmington.

Farmington Service


Providing a range of services including automotive repair, oil lube, and filter service, Farmington Service stands as a vital player in Farmington’s automotive sector.

F Bates Automotive


F Bates Automotive operates as a car dealership and automotive store, showcasing the diversity within the auto parts sector in Farmington.

Haskins Brothers Auto Inc

Haskins Brothers Auto Inc provides auto service and repair, underlining the importance of maintenance in the automotive sector.

Ontario Mazda – Service & Parts


A dedicated service and parts provider for Mazda vehicles, Ontario Mazda has built a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. They offer a full range of services, from oil changes to complete tire installation and brake pad replacements.

Uptown Tire & Auto Service


Uptown Tire & Auto Service is a family-owned auto repair shop providing top-quality auto repair services. Their commitment to excellent customer service and quality workmanship make them a valued presence in the Farmington automotive sector.

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