Unveiling Farmington’s Finest: A Journey through Bar & Grill Establishments

A Comprehensive Guide to the Remarkable Bar & Grill Enterprises in Farmington, MI

Peterlin’s Restaurant & Bar

Labeled as an American Restaurant and a New American Restaurant, Peterlin’s adds a unique twist to the traditional Bar & Grill concept. It represents a fresh perspective on American dining and is a must-visit spot for food lovers.

Grand Tavern

Grand Tavern is a traditional American bar and grill that offers a welcoming pub atmosphere. It serves classic pub dishes with a modern twist, perfect for a relaxed evening or a fun night out.

Sidecar Slider Bar – Farmington

With the inviting allure of American comfort food, Sidecar Slider Bar is a distinguished name among the bar and grill establishments in Farmington. It offers an engaging bar scene alongside a robust menu.

Scores Sports Bar and Grill

Scores Sports Bar and Grill is an essential destination for sports enthusiasts. It is a place where a passion for sports intersects with the joy of American cuisine in a lively Bar & Grill environment.

Basement Burger Bar

Basement Burger Bar delivers a high-energy bar experience with its extensive range of American dishes and specialty burgers. It is a casual spot that combines the best elements of a burger restaurant and a bar & grill.

John Cowley & Sons

Renowned as a gastropub and an Irish restaurant, John Cowley & Sons adds an international twist to the local Bar & Grill scene. With its wide-ranging menu, it is a premier spot for fine dining in Farmington.

Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar

With its global reputation, Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar offers a consistent and delightful dining experience. It’s a cherished part of the Farmington Bar & Grill landscape, known for its casual and comfortable atmosphere.

Grill Cheese & Tomato Soup

Grill Cheese & Tomato Soup adds a touch of comfort food to the Bar & Grill category. With a wide variety of grilled delicacies, it stands as an exceptional spot for barbeque lovers.

Bottom of the 5th

Bottom of the 5th is a sports bar that doubles as a bar & grill. It provides a vibrant atmosphere for sports fans, combined with a great selection of grill foods and beverages.

Blue Moose Tavern

Blue Moose Tavern is an American-style bar & grill that also features a sports bar. It offers a variety of American dishes in a lively atmosphere, making it an excellent spot for a casual meal or drinks with friends.

Craft Breww City

A hybrid between an American Restaurant, Pub, and Gastropub, Craft Breww City is an essential part of the Farmington’s Bar & Grill landscape. It serves an array of craft beers and specialty dishes that attract both locals and visitors alike.

Coachs Corner Of Livonia

Coachs Corner Of Livonia is a traditional bar and grill with a distinct club-like ambiance. It serves as a social hub where visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisines along with a unique selection of brews.

QDOBA Mexican Eats

Adding a flavorful twist to the local Bar & Grill scene, QDOBA Mexican Eats brings a spicy Mexican flair to Farmington. This fast food bar & grill is a treat for those who love Mexican cuisine, offering a mouthwatering selection of burritos, tacos, salads, quesadillas, and nachos.

Wintergarden Tavern

The Wintergarden Tavern is a cozy pub-style Bar & Grill with a sports bar atmosphere. The place is famous for its energetic vibe and exceptional service, making it a hotspot for locals and tourists.

Up North Craft Bar

For live music lovers, Up North Craft Bar is a place to enjoy delightful bar experiences. With a vibrant ambiance and a wide array of drinks, it offers a unique blend of music and taste.

In conclusion, Farmington, MI is a hotspot of diverse and appealing bar & grill establishments. From sports enthusiasts to food lovers, Farmington’s Bar & Grill scene has something for everyone. These businesses showcase the vibrant and diverse culinary culture of the city, inviting visitors and locals alike to indulge in some of the best dining experiences Michigan has to offer.

Written by Mobb

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