Unveiling the Mental Health Powerhouses of Bronxville, New York: A Spectrum of Holistic Care

July 1, 2023

Bronxville Psychiatric Wellness Group

The Bronxville Psychiatric Wellness Group emerges as a frontrunner in the mental health landscape of Bronxville. Their innovative multi-modality psychiatric services specialize in depression therapy, extending a lifeline to those grappling with the blues. Their holistic approach to treatment sets them apart in the mental health sector.

The Mind Clinic

As the name suggests, The Mind Clinic is focused on the overall wellbeing of the mind. Though no specific description was provided, their impressive work in the realm of mental health care speaks volumes about their contributions. They continue to make a difference by offering comprehensive, personalized care to their clients.

Rachel Levy, PhD

Dr. Rachel Levy brings a unique blend of psychology and mental health expertise to the Bronxville community. Though no website description was provided, her website is a testament to her commitment in providing top-tier depression therapy and psychiatric services.

Brain Wellness Center: Hasan Asif, M.D.

The Brain Wellness Center, under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Hasan Asif, offers an impressive array of services from depression therapy to addiction treatment. The Center’s work in board-certified adult psychiatry and neurology underlines its commitment to providing comprehensive mental health care.

Dr James W Walkup Of Ministry

Operated under the umbrella of counselingcenter.org, Dr. James W Walkup’s work in family counseling and mental health services solidifies his place in the mental health landscape. His emphasis on health practitioner services helps his clients to manage their mental health conditions more effectively.

David Lichtenstein

As a stalwart in the field of psychology, David Lichtenstein plays a pivotal role in the Bronxville mental health scene. His work, predominantly focusing on psychiatric treatment facilities, builds bridges for clients in need of comprehensive mental health support.

Benjamin Jane Phd

Dr. Benjamin Jane is part of the esteemed group of psychotherapists and counselors at The Counseling Center in Bronxville NY. Her work spans the entire mental health spectrum, with a particular emphasis on marriage and family counseling. The center’s professional counseling services provide an invaluable support system for individuals and families alike.

Gelsi Jane Csw-r

Despite the lack of a website or description, Gelsi Jane’s services are integral to the mental health landscape of Bronxville. Her work in mental health clinics and health services exemplifies her dedication to the cause.

The Guidance Center of Westchester

The Guidance Center of Westchester distinguishes itself by providing not only comprehensive mental health services but also child care services. Their approach underscores the importance of a community-based model in addressing mental health concerns.

LifeStance Therapists

LifeStance therapists Andrea Harewood, Clara Loeffel, Helene Wurtzel, Carmen Claudio-Hopwood, and Cristina Travieso showcase the spectrum of mental health services available for Bronxville residents.

From psychotherapy and counseling to specialized treatments for conditions like PTSD, OCD, and eating disorders, the team offers a holistic approach to mental health. Their work with online therapy, telehealth, and virtual counseling services breaks geographical barriers and ensures accessible care for all, anytime and anywhere.

From depression therapy to child care services, the mental health clinics in Bronxville, New York, offer a broad range of resources to support the community’s mental wellbeing. With their unwavering dedication and innovative approaches, these providers continue to pave the way in mental health care.

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