Visionaries of Corcoran: Pioneering Optometrist Companies in Corcoran, CA

An Insight into the Leading Optometry Enterprises Shaping the Future of Eye Care in Corcoran

David R King, OD

Dr. David R King leads the way in personalized, top-quality optometry care. With years of experience in the industry, he has garnered a reputation for his patient-centric approach. Although the company does not currently maintain a website, their services have been widely recognized in the region.

Family Eye Care Optometry – Dr. Jeffrey Garcia and Associates

Family Eye Care Optometry aims to bring the best eye care to families in the Corcoran area. Led by Dr. Jeffrey Garcia, the clinic prides itself on its modern facilities and professional, experienced staff. Their commitment to patients’ optical health is exceptional.

White Jeffrey W Optometrist

A renowned figure in the optometry field, Dr. Jeffrey White has been serving the Corcoran community with passion and professionalism. His practice continues to deliver top-quality eye care, despite not currently having a web presence.

Santa Rosa Rancheria

As a tribal entity, Santa Rosa Rancheria might not be a dedicated optometry clinic, but it plays a vital role in providing healthcare services, including eye care, to the indigenous population of the region.

Smith Gary e Dr Optometrist

Dr. Gary E. Smith’s practice, found at, offers a comprehensive range of eye care services, from routine eye examinations to prescribing corrective lenses. As an experienced optometrist and physician, Dr. Smith’s practice is a preferred destination for many locals.

Potter, Bruce J, OD

Dr. Bruce J. Potter, OD, is an expert in the field with a strong local presence in Corcoran. He provides quality optometric services to his patients, who appreciate his professional and friendly demeanor.

Ruda Joseph F Jr MD Medical

Renowned for his medical expertise, Dr. Joseph F. Ruda Jr provides both general medical and ophthalmologic services, serving the Corcoran community with excellence and dedication.

Lessley Steven J Od

Dr. Steven J. Lessley’s practice at is known for its quality vision care. He stands out for his comprehensive eye examinations and personalized approach to patient care.

Sunalp Laser Vision

Sunalp Laser Vision is an innovative clinic specializing in vision correction procedures. Their multidisciplinary approach includes ophthalmology and optometry services, making them a leading choice for complex eye care needs.

Sunalp Murad MD

Dr. Murad Sunalp is a distinguished ophthalmologist known for his surgical skills and comprehensive eye care. His professionalism and expertise make him a well-respected figure in the Corcoran medical community.

National Vision

National Vision is a leading optician, offering a wide array of frames and lenses to cater to the diverse needs of the Corcoran community. Their commitment to providing affordable eye care products sets them apart.

Infinity Vision Optometry

Infinity Vision Optometry is known for its comprehensive eye care services and highly skilled optometrists. They leverage the latest technology in optometry to deliver exceptional eye care services.

Family HealthCare Network

The Family HealthCare Network goes beyond the standard healthcare model by offering a diverse range of services, including optometry. They provide accessible and affordable healthcare for all members of the community, upholding the belief that high-quality care is a fundamental right.

Nicole Esqueda OD

Dr. Nicole Esqueda specializes in optometry and corrective lens prescriptions. Known for her personalized approach to patient care, she remains a favorite among the residents of Corcoran for their optical health needs.

Mayer Michael S Od

At Mayer and Shah Optometry, Dr. Michael S. Mayer offers an exceptional eye care experience. His comprehensive services, coupled with his dedication to patient well-being, make him a key figure in Corcoran’s optometry landscape.

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