Web Wonderworks of Illinois: Top 15 Web Design Companies to Watch

October 18, 2023

1. High Quality Web Solutions

  • Website: highqualitywebsolutions.com
  • About: Specializing in UX/UI design, mobile application, and branding services, this company ensures businesses maintain an edge with top-notch digital interfaces.

2. Fusen Technologies

  • Website: fusenpack.com
  • About: Connecting small businesses with design pros, Fusen Technologies offers a range of services from website creation to logo design.

3. VB Group Marketing & Event Resources

  • Website: vbgmarketing.com
  • About: Beyond web design, VB Group expertly handles marketing, event management, and market research, making it a multifaceted resource for businesses.

4. Unspecified

  • Website: unspecified.io
  • About: This software agency offers a broad spectrum of services, including cloud solutions, website design, and product development.

5. ClikIT, LLC

  • Website: clikitnow.com
  • About: ClikIT, LLC merges cybersecurity with web design, creating secure and innovative digital platforms.

6. Edwards Marketing

  • Website: leonedwardsmarketing.com
  • About: From boosting online presence through social media management to crafting stunning websites, Edwards Marketing is a name to reckon with.

7. BigGuy Technologies

  • Website: bigguytech.com
  • About: Designing and building software products, from mobile apps to websites, BigGuy Technologies is at the forefront of digital innovation.

8. Gate Way Solutions

  • Website: gatewaysolutions.com
  • About: With tailored solutions for both the government and the private sector, Gate Way Solutions stands out for its specialized service approach.

9. Layer Cake Solutions

  • Website: layercake.us
  • About: Merging web design prowess with digital marketing acumen, Layer Cake Solutions ensures businesses rise above the competition.

10. Pixouls

  • Website: pixouls.com
  • About: Pixouls is a one-stop-shop, offering everything from website design and development to brand and email marketing solutions.

11. Complex Digi

  • Website: complexdigi.com
  • About: With a diverse range of services including website design, spyware removal, and IT support, Complex Digi is a digital Swiss army knife.

12. Digital Rein

  • Website: digitalrein.com
  • About: Digital Rein doesn’t just design websites; they boost businesses with SEO and consultation services.

13. Kyvex Corp.

  • Website: kyvex.com
  • About: Branching out from the typical, Kyvex Corp. specializes in premium fitness and lifestyle apparel, adding a unique flair to the web design scene.

14. PixelPeople

  • Website: pixelpeople.com
  • About: With offices in both Naperville and Chicago, PixelPeople is a local favorite for web design and branding solutions.

15. Super Powered Design

  • Website: superpowereddesign.com
  • About: Serving a broad spectrum of industries, Super Powered Design crafts professional websites that leave lasting impressions.

From small startups to established agencies, Illinois is home to a thriving web design ecosystem. These 15 companies are a testament to the innovation and creativity of the Prairie State’s digital domain. Whether you’re a local business looking to revamp your online presence or a global brand in search of the best, Illinois’ web design scene has something for everyone.

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