5 Essentials of a Killer Data Science Resume in 2022

March 16, 2022
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Data science is one of the revolutionary technologies that positively changed the global business approach. Numerous companies rely on data science to expand their business and grow exponentially.

According to Zippia, more than 2,871 data scientists are currently working in the United States. Considering the business competition in the global market, these numbers are expected to increase rapidly.

You can get a data science job with a computer science degree, specialized certification in data science, and a job-winning data science resume. Hence, we are here with the five essentials to build an impeccable resume for data scientist jobs in 2022.

You can follow these guidelines to build a killer data science resume in easy steps:

Professional Resume Format

You will first need a professional resume format to outline your data science resume. Out of the numerous resume formats available online, we have picked three popular resume formats that will emphasize the effectiveness of your resume:

Functional Resume Format

This format focuses on highlighting the skills more than the professional journey and is suitable for professionals with a career gap.

Reverse Chronological Resume Format

This resume format highlights your recent status followed by the previous roles and achievements in reverse chronological order.

Combination Resume Format

It combines both the above-given resume formats and is suitable for continuously working professionals.

You can opt for any of these per your experience and professional journey. These resume formats are effective enough to impress the recruiter in the recruitment process.

One-Liner Bullet Points

The recruiters globally expect concise and easy to read resumes instead of bulky ones these days. Due to the heavy number of applicants, recruiters do not pay more than a few seconds to screen a resume.

Hence, we recommend using one-liner bullet points rather than long paragraphs in your data science resume. You can follow these guidelines while making your resume points:

  • Start every bullet point with a power verb
  • Club similar points under one heading
  • Highlight essential metrics and profile-centric keywords
  • Use numbers to quantify your bullet points

Technical Keywords

Most companies worldwide use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter out unsuitable resumes in the initial phase of a recruitment process. ATS saves their time and efforts on unworthy applicants.

The best way to parse through the ATS is by using technical profile-centric keywords. You can use the job description of Google to pick industry-specific keywords that will improve the technical strength of your resume and help you parse through the ATS without any hurdle.


Data science is a revolutionary technology and can change the face of any business. Hence, recruiters expect specialized certification apart from the skills for a data science job applicant.

You can get certified from any online study platform like Coursera or Udemy, or there are training centres that specialize in things like Power BI training. You can add the certification details to your resume to impress the recruiter.

Engaging Resume Summary

You can write an easy to read resume summary to hook the reader’s attention in the screening round. Your resume summary needs to include every highlighting point of your resume in an engaging form.

Most recruiters consider it an essential element of a resume, and you can take leverage of it by making an impressive resume summary.


Proofread your resume twice before you apply for a job. It is important because a small error can minimize your shortlisting chances during the recruitment process. Hence, we recommend taking a halt after summing up your resume and proofreading it after some time with a focused mind.

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the essential points of building a killer data science resume in 2022:

  • Outline your resume in a professional format
  • Use one-liner bullet points to showcase your professional details
  • Add technical keywords to parse through the ATS
  • Mention your certification details to beat other applicants
  • Write an engaging resume summary to grab the recruiter’s attention
  • Proofread your resume twice before applying for a data science job

You can follow these guidelines to ease the resume-building process and make an impeccable data science resume in 2022. Additionally, we recommend you apply for a job with a resume and a data science cover letter to get bonus points in the recruitment process.

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