5 Things Employees Need To Do Before Entering a Cleanroom

August 14, 2023
5 Things Employees Need To Do Before Entering a Cleanroom

When your business utilizes a cleanroom, keeping it free from contaminants is important. But employees who don’t know the rules before entering can risk the integrity of your products. Ensure your workers know these five things they need to do before entering a cleanroom to maintain an incident-free space.

Leave All Personal Items Behind

Before your employees set foot in the cleanroom, one of the first things they should do is leave any personal items behind, such as jewelry. But if they must have their smartphone or something else with them, the item must remain underneath their cleanroom suit to prevent contamination.

Remove Any Makeup

If the employee is wearing makeup, they must wash it off before entering a cleanroom. Although they will wear a face mask, they risk threatening the room’s integrity by keeping makeup products on. Employees should avoid wearing perfume as well.

Take Care of Personal Matters

Employees must take care of any personal matters before entering the cleanroom. These matters can range from visiting the restroom or having a drink of water. It is also essential for them to wash and disinfect their hands before going in, even when they will wear gloves.

Make Sure You Conceal Your Hair

Employees need to ensure that no particles from their hair fall out when they are in the cleanroom. Their cleanroom suits should have a hood that will cover their head, but they may need to wear a hairnet as well. Additionally, if they have beards or mustaches, they must ensure that they conceal their facial hair.

Wait After Smoking

If one of your employees is a smoker, they must wait 20 minutes after their last cigarette before entering the cleanroom. This time period will give the residual smoke enough time to dissipate so that it does not contaminate the space.

Training employees to follow these procedures is an effective way to prevent cleanroom contamination. When they are aware of these practices and follow them, they can complete work in the cleanroom with fewer incidents and better ensure the quality of your products.

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